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!: ""Is this Dreadfall or what? Why are all you lazy bones taking it easy on the spooks? Come find me at old Berk if you're ready for a double dose of seasonal frights. - Mulch"

1-Talk to Mulch at Old Berk

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Mulch: "I don't believe it. So many young dragon trainers not taking Dreadfall seriously! It used to be about celebrating Berk standing strong in face of adversity. Now? Bah.

We can get that feeling back, though, no problem. All it takes is a little bit of belief and some elbow grease to get into the spirit!
A Flightmare is 'terrorizing' the countryside! Use your expert flying skills to get close and click her!"

2-Find the Flightmare flying in Berk

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Mulch: "Good! Good! The Flightmare is playing along with us today, but she used to scare all of Berk whenever she appeared. We can't ever forget that feeling of helplessness, when we didn't take the time to really understand dragons and feared them instead.

Next: you know Ruffnut and Tuffnut's masterpiece, Loki's Maze of Terror. Well, I've decided to help this time. Get in there!"

3-Go to the Maze

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Mulch: "I've hidden symbols of the magnificent Flightmare all around the maze. Explore the maze and find them all!"

4-Find the Flightmare scarecrows in the Maze (12)

The locatioon of the scarecrows seem to be randomized

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!: "You should get through the rest of the maze and get these to Mulch."

5-Give the scarecrows to Mulch

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Mulch: "What a treat! Did you enjoy the love and care that went into the Loki's Maze? I made sure to set the proper atmosphere and mood! Come back to me next time it feels like you're letting the true meaning of Dreadfall go by."

Possible scarecrows spots Edit

The position of the scarecrows is variable, below there are some examples of where you can find them, in order of appearance.
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