School of Dragons
School of Dragons Official Trailer

School of Dragons Official Trailer

School of Dragons is a virtual MMORPG game produced by JumpStart Games based on DreamWorks' hit movies How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2. Released on July 17, 2013, School of Dragons holds a world full of creativity and exploration packed with bountiful quests and adventures that enable players to raise, bond with, and train their dragons. They can fly through vast lands with their dragons, race them against other competitors, or dive into a science-filled world where there is always more to be discovered! Featuring the most advanced online and mobile gaming technology, School of Dragons delivers immersive, fun 3D adventure learning games for kids on the devices they use most in environments that parents have come to trust.

New Features
  • New Dragon: RidgesnipperGo to Ridgesnipper
  • New Equipment: Valka Dragon ArmorGo to Battle Equipment
  • Dragon Armor has a new price!
  • New Equipment: Whispering Death MaceGo to Battle Equipment
  • New Equipment: Razorwhip AxeGo to Battle Equipment

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If you are considering if you want to join the game at all, go to the School of Dragon introductory page to learn more about the game.

Are you a new player? Did you just started the game and don't know how to play? Check the How to Play page and visit both Guides and Gameplay to learn about the basis of School of Dragons.

You also check on:

In-Game Characters
Characters Movie Characters AstridBucketDagurEretFishlegsGobberGrimmelHeatherHiccupJohann † • MalaMildewMulchPhlegmaRuffnutSnotloutStoick † • TuffnutValka
Book Characters CluelessSpeedifistWartihog
Original Characters HeadmasterSkulderHaraldStormheart
Dragon IslandEruptodon IslandIcestorm IslandArmor Wing IslandMelody IslandVanaheimScuttleclaw IslandHelheim's GateExplore the SeaGlacier IslandAuction IslandDangerous WatersThe LookoutThe WildernessSchool of Dragons (Location)Training GroundsDragon's EdgeThe Ship GraveyardBerk DocksIsle of BerkNew BerkThe Dark DeepMudraker IslandZippleback IslandHobblegrunt IslandSnotlout's Sentry StationTitan IslandImpossible IslandStormheartWorld map v3
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Starter Locations Berk DocksDangerous WatersDragon's EdgeHobblegrunt IslandImpossible Island (cenote itself) • Isle of Berk (The Great Hall) • New Berk (Hidden World) • Open SeaScuttleclaw IslandSnotlout's Sentry StationStormheart (isle itself) • The School (The Hatchery) The Ship GraveyardThe Lookout (The Farm) • Titan IslandTraining Grounds
Quest-only Aurora LightsClub HouseDragon Hunter campDragon Hunter ship Gothi's HouseHobgobbler NestThe WildernessWhispering Death's Cave
Other: BlacksmithCredits IslandJob BoardStablesStore
Expansion only:
Icestorm Island Icestorm Island (Ice Caves)
Call of the Deathsong Melody IslandSven's Farm
Battle for the Edge Armor Wing IslandDragon's Edge (Hideout) • Glacier IslandMudraker IslandThe Dark DeepZippleback Island
Return to Dragon Island Auction IslandDragon IslandEruptodon IslandHelheim's Gate
Secret of the Leviathan Impossible Island (Defender RuinsThe Defender Labyrinth)
Rise of Stormheart Stormheart (Underwater Section and Tempest)
Wrath of Stormheart Vanaheim
The Hidden World Hidden World Annex
Curse of the Hobgobbler Hidden World

Expansion Packs

Icestorm Icestorm IslandCalldeathsong Call of the Death SongBattleedge Battle for the EdgeReturnisland Return to Dragon Island

Sotl icon Secret of the LeviathanRise 3 Rise of StormheartWrath 3 Wrath of StormheartThe hidden world icon The Hidden World

Coth icon Curse of the Hobgobbler

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Store membership Store gems and coins
Store Bundles Store Expansions
Store Dragon Eggs Store Deals and Sales
Store Dragon Care Store Dragon saddles
Store Viking Clothes Store Dragon Skins
Store Viking Gear Store Hideout Furniture
Store Farming Store Fishing

In the game there are currently 69 Dragon species (plus 3 sub-species Variants), of which 31 have a Titan stage.

Toothless the Night Fury and the Light Fury are only available to members who buy a membership of three months or longer and is only usable while a player's membership is active.

A full list of dragons can be found here and a comparison of their stats is located here.

Taking care of your dragon: check the Dragons general information to learn about energy and happiness bar, how to increase your dragon's happiness and how to increase the dragon's energy.

Boulder class Boulder Boulder class
Catastrophic Quaken icon
Catastrophic Quaken
Crimson Goregutter icon
Crimson Goregutter
Eruptodon icon
Grapple Grounder icon
Grapple Grounder
Groncicle icon
Gronckle icon
Hotburple icon
Screaming Death icon
Screaming Death
Sentinel icon
Elder Sentinel icon
Elder Sentinel
Shovelhelm icon
Snafflefang icon
Thunderpede icon
Whispering Death icon
Whispering Death
Mystery class Mystery Mystery class
Armor Wing icon
Armor Wing
Boneknapper icon
Buffalord icon
Changewing icon
Death Song icon
Death Song
Dramillion icon
Dreadstrider icon
Flightmare icon
Hideous Zippleback icon
Hideous Zippleback
Hobgobbler icon
Smitten Hobgobbler icon
Smitten Hobgobbler
Slithersong icon
Smothering Smokebreath icon
Smothering Smokebreath
Snaptrapper icon
Sweet Death icon
Sweet Death
Sharp class Sharp Sharp class
Devilish Dervish icon
Devilish Dervish
Grim Gnasher icon
Grim Gnasher
Prickleboggle icon
Raincutter icon
Razorwhip icon
Scuttleclaw icon
Shivertooth icon
Speed Stinger icon
Speed Stinger
Stormcutter icon
Timberjack icon
Stoker class Stoker Stoker class
Fireworm Queen icon
Fireworm Queen
Flame Whipper icon
Flame Whipper
Green Death icon
Green Death
Hobblegrunt icon
Moldruffle icon
Monstrous Nightmare icon
Monstrous Nightmare
Night Terror icon
Night Terror
Fire Terror icon
Fire Terror
Silver Phantom icon
Silver Phantom
Singetail icon
Terrible Terror icon
Terrible Terror
Typhoomerang icon
Strike class Strike Strike class
Deathgripper icon
Light Fury icon
Light Fury
Night Fury icon
Night Fury
Night Light icon
Night Light
Skrill icon
Skrillknapper icon
Snow Wraith icon
Snow Wraith
Triple Stryke icon
Triple Stryke
Woolly Howl icon
Woolly Howl
Night Lights: Dart icon
Ruffrunner icon
Pouncer icon
Tidal class Tidal Tidal class
Luminous Krayfin icon
Luminous Krayfin
Sand Wraith icon
Sand Wraith
Scauldron icon
Seashocker icon
Shockjaw icon
Sliquifier icon
Thunderdrum icon
Tide Glider icon
Tide Glider
Windwalker icon
Tracker class Tracker Tracker class
Deadly Nadder icon
Deadly Nadder
Mudraker icon
Rumblehorn icon

Learn more about key features of the game:

  • Quest List: A complete chart and list of core quests, each with its own page with a more in-depth information;
  • Stable Missions: Requirements, success odds by dragon species, and reward information;
  • Achievements and UDT Achievements: The difference between them and the requirements to get them;

Other minigames:

Non-Member Minigames: Location Specific Berk (BlacksmithLoki's Maze) • The School (Alchemy Adventure † • Science Experiments) • Stables (Stable Missions) • The Lookout (Job BoardThe Farm) • Training Grounds (Battle EventsBull's-Eye Lagoon † • Fireball FrenzyFlight ClubThunder Run Racing)
Other Eel RoastFishing
Expansion only:
Secret of the Leviathan CogsIncredible Machine
Rise of Stormheart Dragon Tactics
Other: Underwater Sections
Expanding Pages
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We need help from all players for:
  • Dragon stats for Battle: the max hp for dragons at level 50. This is the green bar next to your viking's icon, shown while you're battling. It's different between adult and titan dragons at same level. For more information on a dragon's stats, check this page.
  • Farm Jobs: adding jobs that are not listed, Description and Xp rewarded for some jobs.

We are open to find candidates for Administration!

This wiki still needs expansion and improvement, check How to Contribute to know how you can help to grow the Wiki!

If you have any questions, you can contact the Wikia Admins.

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Gears trans !GLITCH WATCH! Gears trans

Here we'll list recent glitches and bugs reported in game, that heavily affect your gameplay. We advice to not do the quests involved until they are fixed.

  • Do not use the Age-Up on the Deathly Galeslash, this will cause the game to be unable to access your Viking with the Galeslash until the glitch has been fixed.
  • Thawfest Daily Quests are still around, the X will occasionally either lead the player to the non-existent Daily Quest Board or lead the player to the Quest's next destination, allowing the player to complete the Quest;
  • Due to the hourly Battle Events, glitches such as invincible Ship, negative Health, disappearing Ship, ect. are now much more common to find than before;
  • The Dragon List can appear disorganized at random and will continue to randomize the order each time the player reopens the game. Workaround: Reinstalling the game seems to fix it.
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In-Store Now

Prices are listed as "Non-member Price Non-member dragon icon (Member Price Member dragon icon)".



  • Ridgesnipper items and bundles are in store until August 11th:
    • Devastating Ridgesnipper Mace and Ridgesnipper Bulwark (shield), both Legendary T1, 500 Gems icon trans (400);
    • Adult Bundle: 1 Egg + 1 Adult age up for 1200 Gems icon trans (960);
    • Weapon Bundle: Smashing Mace (T1 Epic) + Devastating mace (T1 Leg.) + Bulwark (T1 Leg.) for 1120 Gems icon trans (896);
    • Skin Bundle: Warpaint + Hero Skin + Epic Class Skin for 360 Gems icon trans (288)
    • Racing Bundle: Saddle + Racing Stripe Skin for 360 Gems icon trans (288)
  • Tide Glider bundles are in store until August 6th:
    • Adult bundle: a Tide Glider Egg + 1 Adult age up for 800 Gems icon trans (640);


Items recently introduced will appear here for about one-two weeks. Its stay increases if it's an item introduced with an Update.

With the game anniversary lots of new items have been introduced in store, they are too many to be listed all here:

  • new hybrid dragon: Ridgesnipper for 1000 Gems icon trans (800);
  • Razorwhip Dragon armor for 1000 Gems icon trans (800);
  • Razorwhip Lava Skin 300 Gems icon trans (240) and several other Dragon skins
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