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Hiccup: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name]. I could use your help with something. Er, well, it's not dragon-related. I can usually handle that sort of thing. It's kind of... Astrid-related.

Astrid's always there for me, so I wanted to show her my appreciation by giving her a gift. I went into Gobber's workshop and built a brand-new shield for her, but it still needs to be painted.

Could you ask her what color is her favorite? I'm kind of embarrassed that I forgot."

1- Talk to Astrid at the Training Grounds

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Astrid: "Hi, [Your Viking's Name]! Having fun out there at Icestorm Island? I had to come back here to make sure our defenses are still holding up while Hiccup and the others are playing around on the new island. I can't wait to explore it with Stormfly when I have time!

Hm? I can't just tell you my favorite color. That would be too easy! Try and guess what my favorite color is! Click on me and I'll give you a pop quiz."

2- Talk to Astrid and guess Astrid's favorite color

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Astrid: "Don't tell Snotlout! I bet he'd find a way to use that to annoy me somehow."

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!: "You should go back to Hiccup and tell him."

3- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "I should have known! She loves Stormfly as much as I love Toothless. Thanks for finding out for me, [Your Viking's Name].

Uh oh, I'm out of blue paint. We'll have to make more. Luckily, Heather and I found out how to do it during one of her experiments. Could you find Cobalt rock in Berk? We can use it to make more paint."

4- Find cobalt in Berk

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Hiccup: "Perfect!

Get the cobalt to Heather so she can make that paint for you."

5- Give the Cobalt to Heather

Item colbat


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Heather: "Hey! Blue paint? That sounds like a fun project. I'm all for it!

Now we'll need to grind up the Cobalt and mix it with egg yolk. Bring me 3 eggs and I can make the paint."

6- Bring Heather 3 Eggs from your farm

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Heather: "The egg yolk acts as a 'blinder' and helps hold the pigment into the wood surface. I can whip up the blue paint in no time. Oh, and tell Hiccup he doesn't need to worry. I know how to keep a secret.

Item blue paint

Blue Paint

You should give the paint to Hiccup. He'll be very pleased with how it turned out!"

7- Give the blue paint to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Wow! This shade of blue is beautiful. It'll definitely remind Astrid of Stormfly. She's going to love the color on her shield. I just know it!

Thank you so much for helping me out, [Your Viking's Name]. If all goes well, you'll see Astrid with a new shield that you helped make!"

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