Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "There's an... 'interesting'... wrinkle at our new home right now. I'm not sure I have the words for it. I try not to be a superstitious Viking, [your Viking's name], but I fear that Gobber may be right in this case.

Could Hobgobblers be bad for us? What a terrible thought! Please, go to New Berk and get to the heart of the problem."

1 - Go to New Berk
[Cutscene shows New Berk overrun by herds of Hobgobblers]

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Ah! My old and dear friend! Perhaps you have some answers for this topsy-turvy situation. Please, come here; you'll see exactly what I'm talking about."

2 - Talk to the Archaeologist

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Look at all these Hobgobblers nesting here! It's like they appeared overnight, and I've never seen so many together at once. We're going to trip over them everywhere we go on this island!

Some animals are prone to moving in groups. For example, birds will always travel together in a flock when they forage for food or fly. This helps protect each individual bird from larger predators. These creatures do this automatically, though no one tells them to do so; this is an example of emergent behavior.

Birds, fish, bacteria, insects, and some dragons do this as well! Still, this amount of herding into one area seems unnatural to me!

I've heard that an abnormal amount of Hobgobblers is huddled together at the top of the hill overlooking the watefalls. Can you check it out?"

3 - Find the... 'unique' Hobgobblers

Hobgobbler 5

Hobgobblers and Hobgobbler-disguised sheeps

Hobgobbler 6

Close-up of the disguised sheep

! icon

!: "Whoever made these Hobgobbler costumes must be behind this. You should look for more evidence of unusual happenings around New Berk."

4 - Look for other things out of the ordinary

Hobgobbler 2

Hobgobbler surrounding crates of Hobgobbler bait

! icon

!: "Hobgobblet bait?! There are only two people on New Berk that could possibly have engineered this. You should talk to Ruffnut right away."

5 - Talk to Ruffnut

Ruffnut icon

Ruffnut: "How dare you insinuate that something so crude and inelegant could be done by me, the greatest prankster in the known world?
It was Tuffnut.

It's all for a very noble purpose. Who do you think is the mastermind who can push Gobber over the edge? He's so scared of these Hobgobblers, and it's going to be hilarious when he loses his mind. Do you think he'll start gnawing on his wooden leg, like a baby? Gods, I hope so.

Trust me, I'm going to win this bet against Tuffnut. My sheep costumes were so much better than his stupid boxes.

Can you do me a favor? We need an impartial judge. Can you talk to Gobber and see if he's going crazy?"

6 - Talk to Gobber

Gobber icon

Gobber: "It's not too late! Every Viking for themselves! Get out of New Berk before you fall into the grasp of the Hobgobbler!

No, you're not physically in danger. Still, everyone knowns that Hobgobblers are a cursed omen! Only bad luck and horrifying disasters follow in their wake.

It's starting already! The little devils have Skulder surrounded. Get over there and save him!"

7 - Defeat the Dragon Tactics battle Level 1: Saving Skulder

Hobgobbler 7

Skulder surrounded by Hobgobblers

  • Note: Unlike more of the Expansions, this Dragon Tactics level is free for all.

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "My word! Thank you for rescuing me from my plight! Whew... I need a break."

8 - Talk to the Archaeologist

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "It all happened so quickly. I dropped my backpack. A Hobgobbler sat on it, then another, and another and another and...
I don't even know where they all came from!

Well! That was Gobber's biggest fear: being covered in Hobgobblers? That was nothing! I'm definitely not cursed. Can you talk to Gobber and reassure him?"

9 - Reassure Gobber [Cutscene of the player stumbling into a Hobgobbler and fall down]

Gobber icon

Gobber: "Ah! My worst nightmare come to life, right before my eyes! [Your Viking's name], you're doomed! You need to act now or it will be too late for you. You need to follow these instructions to the letter! Odin, I hope it's not too late..."

10 - Talk to Gobber (again)

Gobber icon

Gobber: "The Curse of the Hobgobbler has consumed many a brave Viking [sic] over the years. It's their way of torturing good people, for their own twisted pleasure! There's only one documented way of releasing the curse, [your Viking's name]. Are you ready?

First, you have to venture to the fires of Outpost Island. Then, at the highest summit, you must turn in a circle three times, throwing salt over opposite shoulders on each rotation. Spit on the ground in front of you and rub it into the dirt with your boot, and..."

! icon

!: "It really doesn't seem like Gobber's going to stop any time soon. You should talk to Tuffnut, the other perpetrator of this prank, to see what you can do."

11 - Find Tuffnut on New Berk

Hobgobbler 8

Tuffnut with a cart full of Hobgobblers

Tuffnut icon

Tuffnut: "Here to spoil my fun, are you? It's all in the name of -
Wait. You're telling me that you made Gobber flip his lid? You mean you won our bet? I can't believe it. Ruffnut is going to be so mad.

Helmet off to you, prank thief. You've won this round.

Now, Astrid's already made me promise to get rid of all these Hobgobblers from our home. I've been sorta shoving all of them down this hole Ruffnut found. Do you wanna see them?"

12 - Follow the rolling Hobgobblers to the cave

Hobgobbler 9

Hobgobblers rolling down the hill

Tuffnut icon

Tuffnut: "Yessir-ry, this cave can hold dozens of Hobgobblers. We've rolled forty dragons down this tunnel and it doesn't even look close to being full.

Hmm. Where'd they go? I don't see any dragons..."

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Wait! [Your Viking's name], give me a moment!

I missed out on your adventures last time, and as much as I hate to admit it, you've given me a taste of the derring-do. Will you allow me to join you? Let's explore this tunnel cave!"

13 - Enter the cave

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "This... must be the land that Hiccup and Astrid found with Stormfly.
The Hidden World. The home of dragons.
My word.

Beautiful. Let's spread out and explore this place, yes?

[Your Viking's name]! Over here!"

14 - Talk to the Archaeologist in the Hidden World

Hobgobbler 10

Skulder and Muddy with a pack of Hobgobblers in New Berk's Hidden World

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "Look! There are nearly as many Hobgobblers here as there were in New Berk. I believe that we've found where they've all been going!"

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