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Bucket: "I need to carry juice ingredients to the boat, but it's really heavy. I don't mind, but Mulch says I should use my brain bucket more! He told me that it will weight less if we dissolve the sugar in the water. Can you ask Heather if that's true?"

1- Meet Heather

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Heather: "Hello there, [your Viking's name]!

We should test this! You should find some stuff that dissolves in water and do some experiments to weight them.

Your classmates told me they left some bags of sugar and salt at the school. You should find them!"

2- Find the sugar behind the greenhouse
Item Sugar


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Fishlegs: "Sugar tastes really good. I add it to my tea. I don't see it but I can taste it, so I know it's still there. I hid the bag behind the greenhouse so I wouldn't eat it all. You should take it and put it to good use!"

3- Find the salt by the Headmaster’s house
Item Salt


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Snotlout: "My mom used to add salt to warm water when I had a sore throat. It was warm and really salty. Yuck!

Worse is when I sprinkle some salt on my food when I think it's sugar. Luckily, that only happens 3 times a week. I left the bag there so I wouldn't get confused next time."

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Heather: "Now you're ready to come back to The Lab. Bring the materials you collected adn we'll think about our hypothesis."

4- Choose your hypothesis 

Juicy dilemma hypot

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Heather: "Interesting choice! Let's get to the lab equipment"

Lab 1 - Using the scales, place water in the bowl and weight. (3.0 kg)
Lab 2 - Using the scales, place sugar in the bowl and weight. (2.0 kg)
Lab 3 - Using the scales, place salt in the bowl and weight. (2.0 kg)
Lab 4 - Using the pestle, dissolve sugar in water and then weigh with the scales (5.0 kg)
Lab 5 - Using the pestle, dissolve salt in water and then weigh with the scales (5.0 kg)
Juicy dilemma lab

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Heather: "According to your results, you proved your hypothesis to be true/false. No matter what reaction or change in properties occurs, the total weight of the substances does not change. I guess Bucket won't have an easier time with his juice. Go back and tell him!"

5- Talk to Bucket in the Lookout

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Bucket: "Thanks for checking, [your Viking's name]. I guess it really doesn't matter. There's no easy way out! The sugar is still there even when I can't see it after it dissolves. It all weighs the same."

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