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Eret: "It's great to see you, mate! My old crew sent me a Terror Mail about a pack of Night Terrors in distress on the coast of Scuttleclaw Island. Could you fly out there and find out what's going on? I'll sail out there as fast as I can."

1- Head to Scuttleclaw Island and find the Night Terrors

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!: "This Night Terror seems to be struggling to fly! His wings are all gummed up with some strange black ooze ...

Eret's boat should have arrived at the shore by now. You should tell him what you found."

2- Tell Eret about the stranded Night Terror

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Eret: "I knew something was off. A fine seaman like myself can recognize the smell of pine tar from a mile away. Many sailors use pine tar to help waterproof our ships.

Layers of pine tar can waterproof our ropes and masts, and thickened pine tar (called pitch) makes the outside of sailing vessels watertight. It's not perfect.

Pine tar can wreak havok on the wildlife if it spills. If we don't get him flying again that poor little stray is doomed. But! Have no fear. I think we can save this Night Terror with a little sailor's trick."

Item: 1 Lemon Oil Rag

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Eret: "Whenever I use pine tar, I make sure to have a few lemon oil rags handy. I squeeze lemon peels and get the oil on these rags, and they can wipe the pine gunk off anything.

It's time to get our new little friend back in the air, [Your Viking's Name]! Tap on the Night Terror to wipe it clean."

3- Tap on the Night Terror to clean it

[Video clip of Night Terror returning to its flock.]

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Eret: "The little fellow made it back to his flock. Farewell, young dragon!

Hmm ... Why hasn't that smell gone away? How did so much tar endup on that Night Terror? After all, pitch is man-made, and that Night Terror couldn't have flown far once he got caught in it. Questions, questioins ...

There must be more out there. Can you follow the trail of pine tar and look for the source? I'll send a Terror Mail for backup, just in case ..."

4- Follow the trail of pine tar

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!: "This abandoned ship looks like it is spilling pine tar into the water. You should tell Eret immediately."

5- Tell Eret about the Dragon Hunter shipwreck

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Eret: "I knew it! Those grubby Dragon Hunters must've scuttled their ship without a care for the damage it would cause. Dragons, birds and animals could get stuck in the tar just like the Night Terror.

They'd be caught in the cold and could get sick from hypothermia, a horrible condition where you have abnormally low body temperature.

Even worse, the spill could reach the archipelago's pristine beaches in the wind picks up. The tar would coat the rocks and soak through soil, damaging plant life and poisoning food sources.

We need to avert a potential ecological disaster here. Didn't anyone get my Terror Mail?"

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Ruffnut: "Oh yeah, Twin-Troops to the rescue!"

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Tuffnut: "Nuts of the Ruff and Tuff variety are at your service."

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Eret: "Oh Thor. Anyone else?"

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Ruffnut: "Avast, young Eret! Who else would be more suited to the task at hand? Talk to me on shore, [Your Viking's Name]"

6- Ask for Ruffnut's help to contain the spill

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Ruffnut: "Eret has gotten us in another fine mess, hasn't he?"

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Tuffnut: "I think we can all agree that this is all Eret's fault, but it does give us a wonderful opportunity to start a really big fire. In other words: we burn the spill! Are you ready Barf and Belch?"

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Ruffnut: "That's a fine idea bro-migo, but Hiccup gets his little metal leg all bent out of shape every time we set fire to an island. He'll pull out our freshly oiled hair if any dragons get hurt and that's just a waste of good oil.

Whoa! Hold on to your helmet. Tuff, do you still have the bags of hair from our annual haircuts?"

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Tuffnut: "I'm offended that you even have to ask. One moment ..."

Item: 3 Hair Mats

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Ruffnut: "Our haircuts are pretty epic. We cut off so much that we can make them into these mats. Thorston hair can hold a lot of tar oil, but it also does a good job keeping water out.

If you look at my hair after it rains, you'll notice nothing is out of place! Each strand of our golden locks has scales, layers of small dead cells. They stick out and cover a lot of space on the hair so loads of oil gets stuck in the grooves.

Now's the time to put our hairy idea to test! Tap on the three oil spills one by one to drop the hair mats."

7- Tap on the 3 oil spills in the ocean

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Tuffnut: "Don't be surprised if you find some of Snotlout's hair in there. We took off his sideburns while he was sleeping. Some would call that cruel but I say it was necessary."

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Ruffnut: "You can always trust us to make every situation a whole lot hairier. Good job, [Your Viking's Name]."

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Eret: "Salt my shirt, it worked. The oil's getting absorbed! Nicely done, mate.

Ah! I can smell the fresh air of the open sea again. I'll stick around and fish out the mats once they've absorbed all the oil.

One rescued Night Terror and a saved archipelago are all in a day's adventure for heroes like us! Fine work."

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