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Astrid: "I'm going to make Hiccup one of my delicious sandwiches. If I want to get it to him today, I better get started right away. I'm really proud of my unique style of cooking and I'm always looking to show it to my friends!
Sandwiches start with delicious bread. I saw Mulch grab some from the store. Talk to him and get it from him!"

1- Talk to Mulch at School

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Mulch: "Hello there, [Your Viking's Name]. It's nice to see you.
I gave that bread to Bucket for a nice pre-dinner snack. If you want the bread for Astrid, you'll need to offer him something else to eat.
Bucket loves eating eggs, though he gets confused sometimes where they come from. Go give him a pair of eggs."

2- Give Bucket 2 eggs

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Bucket: "Wow, eggs! I was just thinking to myself that I would love to eat right now. Can you read my mind, [Your Viking's Name]? How about now? Well, you can have this bread for these eggs. Thanks, friend!"

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Astrid: "Now what else do I need? I think every sandwich needs some meat within it. Can you ask Fishlegs if he has some sandwich meat to spare? Thanks, [Your Viking's Name]!"

3- Talk to Fishlegs at school

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Fishlegs: "Astrid wants some meat for her sandwich? Well, I owe her a favor because she let me look at her class notes. She can have this!"

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Astrid: "Now this last piece is a secret ingredient, but I'll tell you because you're being so nice to me. Kelp! Kelp puts that perfect polish on every sandwich! You should be able to find some on the beach at the school."

4- Find kelp on the school beach

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Astrid: "That's it! Now bring me the ingredients so I can whip this up."

5- Bring sandwich parts to Astrid

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Astrid: "One delicious sandwich coming right up!
Oh shoot. I have to finish a chore for my parents. Could you take this to Hiccup for me? I'm sure he'll love it!"

6- Take the sandwich to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Oh! That looks ... interesting. I'll eat it later, at my own pace. Thanks, [Your Viking's Name]."

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