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Astrid: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name]! What do you think about throwing a party to celebrate all the hard work we've done? It'll be an "after-storm" party!

Don't tell the others yet! I want it to be a surprise. We'll need some extra supplies: 4 chicken eggs, 4 corn, 2 brown trout, and 1 eel. Bring everything back to me!"

1- Give Astrid 4 chicken eggs, 4 ears of corn, 2 brown trout, and 1 eel

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Astrid: "Thank you! I'll start preparing the food.

Next on the list: party decorations! Go to the Wilderness and pick whichever flower you like best. We'll use it as inspiration for our decorations."

2- Choose the flower for the decoration

[you can choose among purple (?), white (lilies) and red (?) flowers. Pick it quickly or your dragon will pick one for you]

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Astrid: "Great choice. Let's fill the Great Hall with [your chosen flower type]!

We'll need some help making the decorations. Show the flower to Phlegma. She'll know what to do!"

3- Show the flower to the Botanist at the Lookout

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "What a beautiful flower! Astrid told me about the plan. Don't worry. I can keep a secret. The decorations will be done soon."

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Astrid: "I'm almost done setting up, but Hiccup keps asking me questions! I think he knows we're up to something.

Could you distract him for me? We need a little more time."

3- Talk to Hiccup and distract him

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Hiccup: "What is going on with Astrid? She seems really busy. I tried to ask, but she keeps running off to do something. If you see her, let her know I am free to help if she needs me."

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Astrid: "Everything's almost ready. Time to invite our guests! Can you please ask the Headmaster to send out the invitations?"

4- Talk to the Headmaster about the invitation

Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "Invitations? I just sent them out. Everyone should be on their way."

Astrid icon

Astrid: "Hurry to the Great Hall. Everyone's here!"

5- Join the party in the Great Hall

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Astrid: "The party is a huge success! I couldn't have done it without you. Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves. Go on, mingle with you guests!"

6- Talk to Fishlegs

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "I don't go to many parties, but this one is a lot of fun. Thanks for inviting me!

Uh oh ... Tuffnut doesn't look so good. Maybe you should check up on him?"

7- Check up on Tuffnut

Tuffnut icon

Tuffnut: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name]. What did Astrid put in this soup? It tastes weird ... and makes my toes tingle."

Ruffnut icon

Ruffnut: "Ew! I think it's eel. Astrid's cooking is going to be the end of us. You should say hi to Hiccup over there ... before my brother barfs all over your shoes."

8- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Everyone's spirits needed a lift after that terrible storm. This party was just what we needed. Thank you for helping Astrid bring us all together!"

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