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Dagur: "One thing's for sure, [your Viking's name]: there's no end to the adventures that seem to surround Berk and Dragon's Edge. I'll have to stick around and make sure you can conquer all who challenge you. After all, power will only attract more contenders to the throne...

and thanks to Hiccup, we've befriended the greatest power in the world. We'll need to be careful. I'm sure Astrid is just itching for more of a chance to protect her land. Will you tell her I pledge my axe and my life to the cause? "

1- Talk to Astrid

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Astrid: "Well, I hope it won't come to that! Dragon's Edge got attacked again, but it wasn't an accident that we made it through unscathed. You have an excellent head for strategy! If you keep at it, you might be able to take over the defenses of Berk. I'll just be sure to grill you ten times harder from now on, so get ready!

I don't think we could have ever gotten close to solving this mystery without figuring out that she was using Grimora venom on the Triple Stryke. Thank Odin for Heather and Hiccup's microscope, and for your quick thinking finding the dragon's saliva!

I'm sure that we'll be able to outwit Stormheart when she comes back (and of course she'll come back; Hiccup's foes have a tendency to stick around). Will you tell Heather that I think her genius saved us all today?"

2- Talk to Heather

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Heather: "Isn't it exhilarating to think that the smallest toxin, smaller than we could even imagine seeing with our naked eye, could control us entirely? It's amazing! (It's also a little frightening.) The more we learn, the more we find out that everything is connected.

We'll explore this microscopic world together, you and I - one experiment at a time. Thanks, [your Viking's name].

We never could have learned all this without Hiccup's help. Can you talk to him and tell him that I'm so pleased with all that we accomplished? "

3- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Well, Heather is being way too modest. Without you and Heather, we couldn't have made the microscope nor discovered the toxin. We're a team, you know? We work best when we're working together.

And [your Viking's name]: your bravery and skills never fail to impress me. There are so many things we haven't done yet... just you wait!

Still, I am a bit worried. I don't think we've seen the last of Stormheart. I saw the ambition and anger burning in her eyes when we were, err, attacking her ship. I'm sure she has something devious up her sleeves, so we'll have to be ready.

Oh! That reminds me. There's only one part that I don't understand. Why would Harald help us? He's clearly on Stormheart's side. I wish we could find him at Auction Island so that we could pick his brain..."

4- Go to Auction Island

! icon

!: "Harald's boat is docked here; he must be somewhere on the island. You should look for him."

5- Look for Harald at Auction Island

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Harald Forkbeard: "Ha! Don't get used to it, [your Viking's name]. Harald only look out for number one: Harald! And, well, Leopold, I guess. But that's it. It's the two of us against the world!

Next time Stormheart and I show up, you best not get in the way. I won't let my tender spot for you and Leopold slow me down. Ta ta until then. "

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