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Hiccup: "We still can't see the approaching weather, but Bucket's head is hurting. You know what that means, [Your Viking's Name]. There might be some bad weather coming in! Would you mind flying above Berk to Gothi's hut and looking at the clouds?"

1- Fly to the roof of Gothi's house in Berk

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Hiccup: "How does it look?

Can you go back to Phlegma, the Botanist, and tell her what types of clouds you saw?"

2- Tell Phlegma what you saw

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Phlegma: "Those sound like cumulonimbus clouds. Thank Thor! Cumulonimbus clouds usually mean that rain is coming. This drought will finally be over! I'll start preparing.

Can you choose the cumulonimbus clouds from these choices?"

Another cloudy day cloud question

Note: "These are the cumulus clouds!" can appear above any of the options, in random order. Don't get misleaded by it!

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Phlegma: "Hiccup told me he fixed the telescope. Can you go talk to him at the Lookout?"

3- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "It took a lot of work, but I finally fixed this thing. Meatlug really did a number on the telescope!

The telescope is a device that helps us see things really far away. It's less work than flying out and seeing the clouds really close.

Let's test it out at the lookout. I'll go up to a good vantage point. You should fly to the top of the waterfall, and I'll see if I can spot you with this device."

4- Fly to the mouth of the waterfall at the Lookout

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Hiccup: "It works great! I can see you and [Your Dragon's Name]!

Let's try spotting you elsewhere. I planted a flag at the top of the mountain. Find it!"

5- Find the flag at the top of the mountain

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Hiccup: "Clear as a Night Fury's eye! I think you're wearing mismatched socks by the way.

This is pretty amazing. Tell you what, [Your Viking's Name]. You've been a great help! Why don't you meet me by the telescope here?"

6- Meet Hiccup by the telescope

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Hiccup: "It's a great view up here, huh? We're so lucky to be dragon trainers.

Why don't you give it a try? Tap on the telescope and look through it. You can see the clouds that are gathering above the school."

7- Look through the telescope

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Hiccup: "Isn't it great? With this, Phlegma will never be surprised by the weather again!

Would you tell Phlegma that the telescope is fixed? Let's hope Meatlug finds better places to sit in the future! I don't want to have to fix this again."

8- Talk to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "Thank you for helping out, [Your Viking's Name]! Now I'll be able to see the incoming clouds and weather myself."

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