Well! I think you are well prepared to continue your journey to become the ultimate dragon trainer. Best of luck, student [...]
  — The Headmaster [src]  

Player's Viking or Avatar is the Viking that the player plays as. They are any gender, with the appearance also changing, and owner of any dragon that the player chooses to hatch or adopt via Expansions.


The Avatar is a healthy-looking Viking with a general ectomorph body type, roughly Astrid's size (female)/Hiccup's size (male) without any type of clothing, shield, and weapon. The default look of the Avatar is a light-skinned Viking with maroon-colored hair, the female has a longer hair than the male, though, both have a ponytail. The eyes are pitch black and they do not own any sort of facial scars or War Paint.

Both genders wear different though simple clothes, the female wears a t-shirt made of cloth with a belt-like attribute wrapped around the chest, with a skull of an unknown animal in the middle. The skirt is a grey cloth piece with brown pieces of leather and round pieces of grey leather sewed in, along with a pair of dark, greyish blue leggings. The footwear is tall, brown boots with a fuzzy collar, and a pair of medium-sized maroon wristbands are also worn.

The male wears a dark green tunic with a brown ruck belt in the abdomen section, along with a light green fuzzy coat. The leggings are light brown and just like the female, the boots are tall and brown with a fuzzy collar and the Avatar also wears medium-sized maroon wristbands.

Despite not showing any signs of muscles, the Avatar is shown to be capable of fishing strong fishes like salmon and Arctic char, going as far as to carry dragon bones in Hallowed Ground Wrath of Stormheart quest, and have immense patience to farm and feed animals. The Avatar seems to have a low breathe-holding resistance, given how the oxygen meter depletes very fast, though the Avatar can somehow stay very in very deep areas without worrying about the pressure. The Avatar also seems to be very brave and kindhearted to be able to face wild, Grimora infected dragons like Grim Gnashers and tame an Elder Sentinel as well as seems to be trustworthy to everyone, even to villains like Harald Forkbeard are willing to input their trust onto them even if the intentions are malicious.


You arrive at Berk, the welcoming wishes is Berk getting attacked by Dragon Hunters! However, you didn't break any signs of cowardice as you helped them beat the Dragon Hunters, find an axe to cut the rope, and decipher the code to free your secondary dragon from a Hunter cage.

After learning about the scientific method and how to fish, Valka takes you to The Hatchery, where you can hatch your primary dragon, unlocking the Stable Missions, special Missions to level up your dragons. You are also given a few Coins and some Gems to govern yourself. Throughout your stay in the school, the Vikings at the cenote help you learn about survival tasks such as surviving in the Wilderness with the help of Gobber[src], learning to farm and about the food chain with the help of Phlegma[src] - on the same note, Mulch and Bucket help you with harvesting a Chicken for eggs. Discover the past of Berk and the School, how Vikings and Dragons once fought in a seemingly endless battle for survival and now live in peace, in a mutualistic interaction, with The Headmaster, a once vicious Viking and now the Headmaster of the School; he also introduces you to your Adventurer's Journal, your trusty journal where all the things you learned will be recorded, and Clans, a group of Vikings who team up to either be the very best or just for the fun of being together. Snotlout and Hiccup come in to teach you about the most important factors that your Dragon has that need to be developed and where to develop them: Flight Club lets you train the flight and gliding of a Dragon, and Fireball Frenzy lets your train the aiming of a Dragon's fire.

With all that said, the Headmaster was sure that you were ready to become the most wanted title: The Ultimate Dragon Trainer.

Similar to Dragons, your Viking also has Combat stats that increase with levels. Wearing Battle Gear can also increase this stats above the basic for your current level.

Some battling stats are fixed for all levels:

Stat Value
Move 3
Critical chance 125
Defense 100

Comparison table for basic values of stats per level.

Level Attack Power Fire Power Healing Power Health
1 4 3 3 136
2 7 6 6 172
3 11 10 8 208
4 14 13 11 244
6 22 19 17 316
7 25 22 20 352
23 83 74 64 928
24 86 77 67 964
25 1000
26 1036
27 1072
28 1108
29 1144
30 1180
31 1216
32 1252
33 1288
34 1324
35 126 112 98 1360
36 130 115 101 1396
37 133 118 104 1432
38 137 122 106 1468
39 140 125 109 1504
40 144 135 112 1540
41 151 134 118 1612
43 155 138 120 1648
44 158 141 123 1684
50 180 160 140 1900

as you progress in the game, you can earn "Viking Titles" that you can find and select on your profile. Other players will see the one you choose when viewing your profile.

General Dragon Trainer Edit



1st Grade Dragon Trainer ?
Freshman Dragon Trainer reach 10,000 UDT points
Junior Dragon Trainer ?
Senior Dragon Trainer reach ? UDT points (<200k)
Ultimate Dragon Trainer reach ? UDT points (>300k)

Specific Dragon titlesEdit

These are available for every dragon species in the game. You will earn them as you level your dragon.


for Dragon at lvl:

Freshman [species] Wrangler 10
Junior [species] Tamer 15
Senior [species] Whisperer 20?



Amateur Fisher fishing level ? (>9)
Pro Fisher fishing level ?
Expert Fisher fishing level ?
Amateur Farmer farming level 10
Pro Farmer farming level ?
Expert Farmer farming level ?
Master Farmer farming level ?

From AchievementsEdit

Title Requirement
Interior Decorator buy 1 stable
Multi-Dragon Trainer train ? dragons (<18)
Dragon Champion train ? dragons at lvl 20 (<14)
Dragon Shelter Buy and shelter ? number of Dragons
Amateur Dragon Flyer Earn an A+ on 10 Flight Club lessons.
Pro Dragon Flyer Earn an A+ on ? Flight Club lessons.
Expert Dragon Flyer Earn an A+ on 25 Flight Club lessons.




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