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Heather: "Now that we can analyze what gases are made out of, we can approach this problem scientifically. You'll need to go back into the fog... but I have something that might help you avoid falling ill out there."

1- Talk to Heather about the fog

[item: 1 Cloth Mask]

Cloth Mask

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Heather: "If you put that around your nose and mouth, it might filter out some of the toxins. We'll need something airtight to get a sample of the fog. I bet Hiccup will be able to help with that."

2- Talk to Hiccup about his air trapping device

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Hiccup: "I do have something that might work! I created a contraption that helps me collect Hideous Zippleback gas for the Dragon Blade. I call it the Zippleback Bellows! That's how I captured the gases for the spectrometer in the Lab.

Be very careful with it near the ocean, but more importantly, be safe out there!"

[item: 1 Zippleback Bellows]

Zippleback Bellows

Heather icon.png

Heather: "Great! Now we have all the tools to do it, we can gather some samples of the fog for the Lab! Remember to wear the bandana I gave you and fly out into that ocean fog! It should keep you from fainting like Bucket and Mulch."

3- Return to the ocean where the fog is thick

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!: "Fly up to the gaseous spots to get 3 samples of the fog."

4- Gather 3 samples of the fog

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!: "Something's wrong. The smell of the fog is starting to get to you..."

[item: 1 Gas Canister]

Gas Canister

! icon.png

!: "Maybe you just need a place to catch your breath. Get out of the fog and land on the sea stack."

5- Get to the sea stack to escape the fog

[you are teleported to the School - animation of you waking up in front of the Lab]

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Heather: "Take it easy, [your Viking's name]. You had a close call but you're safe now. Come talk to me when you feel strong enough."

6- Talk to Heather about what happened

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Heather: "I'm glad you're feeling better. You passed out in the fog, but [your dragon's name] rescued you and flew you to the school. You've definitely trained this one well!

It's probably a good idea for all of us to steer clear of that fog until we figure out a solution. Please give me whatever samples you managed to get."

7- Give the Gas Canister to Heather

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Heather: "Yes! It's full! Both of you did very well. I hope we can answer some of our questions with this fog sample.

I'll get the spectrometer ready for you. Before we start, I'd love to know your hypothesis. What do you think this strange fog is made out of?"

8- Make a hypothesis with Heather

Back into action hypoth.png

Heather icon.png

Heather: "Interesting choice! Let's go into the lab."

9- Go into the lab and use the spectrometer

Lab 1 - Place the fog sample in the spectrometer, and then heat the item and observe the spectrum change.

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Heather: "The spectrometer showed the chemical composition of two separate elements, sulfur and oxygen. This means that the fog is made out of sulfur dioxide!

No wonder our Vikings were falling ill; it's a dangerous chemical that can result in difficulty breathing or even death. It usually comes out of volcanoes, but there aren't any active volcanoes this close to the School.

We need to tell Hiccup about the discovery. Please let him know - and please come back to me when you have time. I have some exciting ideas that we can explore with the spectrometer!"

10- Talk to Hiccup about the results

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Hiccup: "There are a few volcanoes in the archipelago, but they're not so large that they could blanket the entire ocean with sulfur dioxide. This discovery only raises more questions! We need more information."

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