The Backpack is a feature you can access any time by clicking on your Viking (see How to Play ), and where different kind of items you own are stored. It has five sections that corresponds to different categories of objects:

Backpack fishing items
Backpack farming items
Backpack quest items
  • Quest Items: Items you get from quests. Some items given during a quest are then asked for in a following step of that quest, and so they shouldn't appear in your backpack, but this is not always the case.
Backapack saddles
  • Dragon Saddles: A shortcut of all your Dragon Saddles, you can use this to directly equid the respective active dragon saddle with a simple click.
Backpack eggs
  • Dragons Eggs: All your unhatched dragon eggs.

Quest ItemsEdit

A comprehensive list of the items given by quests. Each image link back to the quest that gives said item. The list include both items that are kept, and items that are given back during quests. These latter are marked with a *, and probably you won't find them in your backpack (but due to random glitches they can be kept there at the end of the quest).

The same item may appear in more than one quest, or the same icon may be used for more than one item, with different names. For these cases, the gallery below will repeat the icon to link to each quest that uses it.

Main questsEdit

Need link to respective quest:

Event questsEdit

Icestorm Icestorm IslandEdit

Calldeathsong Call of the DeathsongEdit

Battleedge Battle for the EdgeEdit

Returnisland Return to Dragon IslandEdit

Sotl icon The Secret of LeviathanEdit

Rise 3 Rise of StormheartEdit

The hidden world icon The Hidden WorldEdit

Coth icon Curse of the HobgobblerEdit

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