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Mulch: "My poor friend Bucket is getting a tight bucket and you know what that means. Whenever something big is brewing up in the sky, his head hurts! We need to get ready for nasty weather.

We can't prevent natural disasters like big storms, but there are things we can do to reduce the damage. We'll need some sandbags, wood logs, and food, quickly! Gobber has 20 sandbags. Could you go get them from him?"

1- Collect sandbags from Gobber

Item sandbags


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Gobber: "I knew we'd need these sandbags when my wooden leg started hurting! We can stack sandbags to stop water from flooding houses. It's a great way to prepare for floods.

You can lug these sandbags back to Mulch. I'm glad you're doing your part, [Your Viking's Name]!"

2- Deliver sandbags to Mulch

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Mulch: "Bucket and I will stack these around the houses to prepare for the storm.

If you don't mind, could you chop six pieces of wood in the Wilderness to board up the windows before the storm hits?"

3- Collect wood in the Wilderness (0/6)

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Mulch: "We should really get this wood to Gobber so he can trim the wood into boards to fit the windows. Take them to him in Berk and please hurry!"

4- Deliver wood to Gobber in Berk

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Gobber: "I like the cut of your chop. These logs are nice and clean!

It'll take me some time to cut them into nice boards. Why don't you go back to Mulch? I'm sure he could use some more of your help."

5- Meet Mulch in Berk

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Mulch: "Oh dear, Gobber needs some more time? Let's see ... I seem to remember last time we had a blizzard we stockpiled a good supply of food. We should probably do the same in case the storm lasts a long time.

We need quite a bit of food. Gather 2 pumpkins, 2 cabbages, 2 ears of corn, and 6 eggs from your farm. I'm lucky I don't have to remind you - like I do with Bucket - that chickens lay eggs, not sheep. When you have them all, bring them back to me in Berk. You can access your farm from the school."

6- Deliver food to Mulch in Berk

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Mulch: "Gobber just dropped off the planks for the windows. I believe that should do it. Like I mentioned before, there is no way to stop the storm, but we can reduce the impact it will have by preparing for it."

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