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Found a weapon or a piece of clothing that isn't listed? Then, write down in the comments the weapon's:
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To find the stats of a battle equipment piece, go to Re-roll Item; please note that the stats attributed to the battle equipment piece that can be viewed normally are NOT the same has the stats under Re-roll Item.

The current of a battle equipment piece always changes within its given range, to view ALL the default stats of the battle equipment piece, it's under Re-roll Item, which shows you the default stats' attributes (Attackpower, Firepower, ect.) and the range.

  • For example: a Tier 1 Common Plain Sword has Attackpower with the current ranging from 1 to a 17, thence why you often see its current always changing to never going above 17;

To add the battle equipment piece's icon, please crop the icon properly or crop the full icon out of the picture for us to crop it, make sure the battle equipment piece isn't under use or else it will have a grey tint in it. We prefer the icon from the list, though, we don't mind the icon that appears after being selected.

We won't accept poorly cropped icons so any poorly cropped icons will be removed.

  • Update, May 13th of 2019: Shields page are now completed! Weapons and Clothing pages still remain unfinished.


Banner for the introduction of battle equipments

Battle Equipment are special types of clothing that increase the player's stats, added and being the main highlight of Update 2.13.

They can only be exclusively found in Dragon Tactics, as rewards for winning a level and answering a quiz correctly, with an exception of two swords, a mace and three masks that can be found in the Store -> Viking Gear -> Weapons.

It should be noted that you can wear them outside of Dragon Tactics, however some items like the Bewilderbeast Shield are glitched, therefore they are invisible in the overworld.

So D- Dreadfall- Tactics- Banner

The new weapon

As for September 28th, 2018, a new Dreadfall themed Axe was released, but for unknown reasons, it's only advertised on the School of Dragons website. Its name is unknown and according to the SoD Forum Admins, players have to play the various levels of Dragon Tactics until it's awarded.[1]

Snoggletog tactics banner

The new Snoggletog Weapons

There has been reports that during Dreadfall, Dreadfall Weapons (not jsut the axe) were reported to be rewarded as well, some even holding it in their inventory.

As for November 11th or December 2nd, 2018, Snoggletog Weapons are now availiable and can be rewarded from playing Dragon Tactics multiple times, and a special Snoggletog Shield is rewarded for completing 2018's Loki's Maze of Cheers.

Tier and RarityEdit

Each item has its own tier and rarity. Depending on the rarity, each item can increase one or more Attributes, as indicated in the table below.

Rarity Attributes that increase
Common 1
Rare 2
Epic 3
Legendary 4

Each item can increase any of the 6 attributes that exist (5 in case of weapons), and the actual Attribute that your item increase is random. The increase value is also random, but it will always fall inside a range, that varies from item to item.

Higher rarity and tier items have higher ranges for the Attribute increase. So higher rarity items not only will increase more attributes at once, but for a value on average higher than lower rarity items of the same tier.

However you can manually increase your battle equipment with the Blacksmith, for more information on enhancing an item, go here.

Whenever the player completes a Dragon Tactics level, weapons and items have a high chance to drop though the probability of x Rarity and y Tier to drop are all randomized, you can get a Legendary Tier 1 item or weapon in the very first level of the Training Course. Tier 3 items seems to drop mainly from Icestorm Island levels, between Biting Bruises to Shivering Scrap. The Tier also influences the probability of an item or weapon of x Rarity to drop, you're more likely to find Legendary Tier 1 items or weapons than Legendary Tier 2 items or weapons.


Element is what defines your element and your attack's element. You may notice that pieces of cloting and weapons but majorly weapons have "Intense", "Crushing" and "Frozen" as their first title name, that title name indicates their Element.

Your Actions' power and Status Effect all depend on your Weapon's Element. A player welding a Frozen Axe will give the Chop a power of 1.55xATK and slow the Target's movement by 2 squares for 2 turns, give the Axe Throw a power of 4.25xATK, and give the player the Cure Action which has the power of 5xHPR; But using a Crushing Axe will add a 100% stunning Status Effect to the Axe Throw Action and increase its power to 4.75xATK, increase the Chop Action's power to 2.25xATK, and change the Cure Action to a Fiery Shout Action which increases the Attackpower by 50%.

The Elements however don't change the general Stats of a Weapon (Atributes and the Range), for example, a Frozen Hatchet and a Crushing Hatchet don't show have any stat difference, only the Element is what defines what you're strong agaisnt and weak agaisnt, and the effects of the element.

Title Element Name Title Element Name Title Element Name
Frozen Ice Ice Crushing Rock Rock Intense Focus Focus
Volatile Gas Gas Healing Healer Healer Sharp Razor Razor
Shocking Electric Electric Paralyzing Paralysis Paralysis Venomous Poison Poison

Battle Equipment TypesEdit


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