Battle for the Edge is the third expansion pack released in School of Dragons. It was released on December 18th, 2015, as part of version 1.17.

The original price was 1000 Gems Gems icon trans but since April 23rd, 2019, the price was changed to 500 Coins.

Battle for the Edge was released ahead of the premier of the second season of Dragons: Race to the Edge, which, according to the game's developers, provided the inspiration for this expansion pack.

Basic Plot Edit

Dragon Hunters are attacking Dragon's Edge and nearby Islands, capturing and injuring the dragons that live there. Your Viking is enrolled to help build up Dragon's Edge's defenses, and helping the dragons that fell under the Dragon Hunters attacks. You'll also explore different islands, learning more about the survival strategies of different dragons, adapted to different environments. You'll also meet the Archaeologist again, at a new digging site on one of the islands.

Meanwhile, a stranger arrives at Dragon's Edge offering help: Harald Forkbeard. Is he to be trusted?

What You Get Edit

  • Access to all the new Islands
  • Your own customizable Hideout: this can be purchased on its own, for the players that don't want the expansion. It's found in the shop under Treasures -> Expansions -> Viking Hideout Map (200 gems, or 160 gems for members). Hideouts were billed as a major highlight of this expansion pack, to the point of receiving their own contest on the official School of Dragons forum
  • An adult Armor Wing dragon (Lvl. 1, but able to fly)
  • Apparel: Disguise Helm, Vest, Pants and Shoulders

Locations Edit

*Access to this island is free to all players, no purchase of the expansion required.

Battleedge Quests Edit

The first 2 quests of the expansion, Threat of the Dragon Hunters, and Home Sweet Dragon's Edge, are free for all players.

Threat of the Dragon Hunters
Home Sweet Dragon's Edge
Archaeologist, Dragon Trainer
The Legacy of Harald
Heart of Darkness
Multi-head Bonanza
Adventures in Dragon Training
Skrill Diversion
This Will not Stand
Ready for War
Epic Catastrophe
Poor Archaeologist
Dragon Hunter Troubles
Plan in Motion
Battle for Dragon's Edge
The Hunter in the Blizzard
Pirate on the Run
The Die is Cast
We Won!
Stuck on You
What About the Archaeologist?
The Waiting Game


Home Sweet Dragon's EdgeEdit

Problem: After the v3.0.0 - The Hidden World update Astrid now runs too fast for the player to catch up, making the quest impossible to be completed.

Solution: Swimming resets the player's speed, meaning that players can start the quest while swimming then come out of the water when Astrid starts walking, this allows the player to catch up with her without any problem.

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