• YanagiNiTsubame

    This might a bit late, but however...

    As you know, if you collect the 10 Terrible Terrors' hats in the current Maze of Cheer , you will be rewarded 15 gems. This can be done only once per viking, however free gems are free gems.

    The hats are in the same spot for all players, so be sure you don't miss any! To help you I'll list their position, in the order you'll find them in the maze:

    1. In the first halllway, just after you enter the maze
    2. Third cave of "Avoid the Boulders/Christmas adornments" course
    3. On the "Cross by fruit" tile labyrynth
    4. Near the exit of the "Raise the platform" course
    5. Inside the "Follow the path" course: Tracker room
    6. Inside the "Follow the path" course: Boulder room (last one)
    7. On the hallway at the exit of the "Memorize the path" t…
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  • YanagiNiTsubame

    The Fire Range of a dragon, that is, from how far it can shoot a target, it's a characteristics that varies from dragon species to dragon species. However, there isn't an official in-game stat that reflects it.

    This characteristics is really important for Battle Events, as the fartest you can shot the boat, the less damage you will receive from the ship's wepons, and this can heavily influence your final score. Being hit by the boat rocks or arrows not only lower your health, but also lower your score.

    To help players in deciding which one of their dragons is best for battle events, you will find a table below with some user-made stats about the dragons fire range.

    To keep it consistent from dragon to dragon, the fire range was calculated as …

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  • YanagiNiTsubame

    This post will be used to gather all info on this new type of event that was announced on 27th June 2018 on the various social media of the game.}}

    By the description, the third clue may have caused some glitches.

    • Released: 08/21/2018
    • Item: Shattered Blade
    • FINAL REWARD: Stormshatter Chest
      • When opening the chest, make sure you have space for the Stormshatter.

    • It's in a free Location, originally part of an expansion. The chest itself is in a sub-location of the main location, now accessible to all players.
    • Somewhat easy to notice as the access to said sub-location was re-positioned.
      • The location is relatively close, as it requires you to do 2 sharp turns.
    • No NCP will appear in the location after you find the chest.
    • Check that you have your quest arrow t…

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  • Wiki-LPS100

    Bounty Board 3.0

    March 21, 2018 by Wiki-LPS100


    With the v2.10.0 update and the v2.11.0 update, School of Dragons changed a lot, from updating the graphics to organization, and the old Bounty Board being very outdated (last edit was in March 9th, 2017), it's better if a new one is created.

    I'll try to keep this up-to-date as well as make sure things are under control.

    It's all good
    Needs some touches/redos/doesn't have a few things
    Is missing said information
    Doesn't have said part
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  • Rosalaun

    Sorry if I haven't been very active recently.

    I graduated a few months ago and since then I've been very busy with working on finding a job, driver's ed, and other personal projects.

    Hopefully when I do have some more free time in the future I can be mroe active again!

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  • Rosalaun

    Username Change

    January 13, 2017 by Rosalaun

    So if you've noticed my username has changed to something that doesn't take a million years to write out! 

    If you don't remember who I was this is WildEyedWarriorQueen.

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  • Rosalaun

    So hi I'm back I guess

    October 20, 2016 by Rosalaun

    So uhh yeah I guess I'm back.

    I've been a bit busy with school since it's my last year and I was hoping to graduate by December. So crunching in a years worth of work within a few months has been time consuming. Not to mention my computer was acting funky for a while but I think I have that sorted out for now.

    Hopefully I can keep working on getting store images and making pages for that stuff but I'd be willing to work on anything!

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  • Wiki-LPS100

    Short announcement

    August 29, 2016 by Wiki-LPS100

    Hello, this is LPS100 here:

    One of our Admins, WildEyedWarriorQueen is having severe problems with its computer, its PC is acting funky and it doesn't allow them to fully work on the wikia. They are now using Mobile, but, unfortunately Wikias and Mobiles can't fully function with one each other.

    I asked them if I could make an announcement about their inactivity and, they allowed. So, if anyone is worried about their "disappearance", this is the reason why they can't be more active on the wikia.

    Thanks for understanding and have a good day.

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  • Rosalaun

    Back for a bit

    July 1, 2016 by Rosalaun

    So because of the 4th of July I don't have any classes all next week. Is till have stuff to work on though but What I kinda want to do is work on character pages and clean them up, add more info, etc.

    Problem is, I want to add infoboxes to make it easier for info to be displayed but idk what to actually add in the infoboxes and in what order.

    This is what I have down so far but it isn't much. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!

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  • Wiki-LPS100

    Hey, I'm back!

    June 16, 2016 by Wiki-LPS100

    Hello, this is LPS100:

    I'm sorry if I was in Hiatus for a tremendous amount of time. My pc died and the Second-handed laptop also died.

    I see that this wiki evolved a lot ever since I saw it and, I love it! Keep up with editings! :D

    Now that I have a new pc, I can finally start work on this wiki without any problem.

    Hope you guys understood and, have a nice day. ^^

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  • Rosalaun

    So I've been gone for a little over a week. It's nearing the end of the school year and for me I have about 8 days left so it's kind of a time crunch with getting work in before the last day. Plus I'vebeen busy with getting things ready for my sister's wedding which has been taking up some time.

    Hopefully during the rest of the summer I can be more active!

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  • YanagiNiTsubame

    As I can't edit the original Bounty Board, I'm making a new post with the updated version.

    The wiki is currently in need of the following information:

    Text and images needed for the following characters

    • Speedifist
    • Warthihog
    • Clueless
    • Mulch
    • Bucket
    • Mildew (Icestorm Island expansion pack)
    • Harald Forkbeard (Battle for the Edge expansion pack)
    • The Dragon Hunters (Battle for the Edge expansion pack)
    • Skulder the Archaeologist (seen in Expansion packs)
    • Eret (Return to Dragon Island expansion pack)
    • Valka

    Character's quest icons needed for the following characters:

    • Speedifist
    • Clueless
    • Mildew

    Out-of-date characters pages:

    • the alchemist
    • the botanist
    • in general all the main characters need updating

    • Information on Clan Achievements;
    • Information on UDT Achievements.

    We are miss…

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  • Rosalaun

    So I finally got around to cropping and saving the images for the decor section of the housing store and... it's a heck of a lot of images. Just though I'd give people a forewarning before it just looks like I'm spamming a ton of things!

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  • Rosalaun

    I checked it both this morning and just now and I keep getting an offline message and I'm wondering if this is happening to anyone else?

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  • Rosalaun

    Applying for adminship

    April 7, 2016 by Rosalaun

    So a while back LPS messaged me saying they haven't been active due to computer issues (and mobile wikia not working for them) so since they are the only admin at the moment I thought I would apply for wikia adoption.

    If anyone has any opposition to this let me know!

    (Adoption application : )

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  • Rosalaun

    Since I don't want to retype everything I made this forum post:

    and I haven't been able to figure out anything. Google isn't showing up with anything either.

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  • Rosalaun

    So for lack of better words I've been a bit inactive over the past week or so. It is spring break for me but already it's been incredibly busy. Also I found out that once you buy or get a clothing item from the store that it disappears from the shops, same with a few other items. So, what that means in terms of getting images of the Store I have to make a new account so everything is there.

    I'm gonna keep working on archiving everything in the store here and there when I have free time!

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  • YanagiNiTsubame

    I'm not sure if this info is worth to be put somewhere in the wiki, but it might be of interest.

    I don't have enough data to determine if the sales are cyclic (appears in the same order), but at least common sense suggests that if a dragon was put on sale recently, you won't see it again on sale soon (unless it's given a new animation). I also have some "holes" in the data because I couldn't find the forum announcement for each week, and I wasn't playing/paying attention to sales at that time. So if you have more info please let me know.

    A dragon egg is put on sale (usually 50% off) each Tuesday for 3 days. Sometimes, on Friday a new dragon animation is released, and the corresponding egg can be put on sale for 3 days. On rare occasions, all…

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  • Rosalaun

    I've been incredibly busy with school and other things so I apologize if I haven't been on here too often. I am still working towards getting images for all of the items i the store.

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  • Bio-mech Matthew Riley

    Hey, it's just me, Brickticks, I've noticed something unique about the Battle for the Edge, (BftE), expansion pack's Hideout location.  It would seem that the colors of the Hideout's exterior change depending on what dragon you're using.  For instance, using a BONEKNAPPER will cause the Hideout to appear red wiith black and white details, whereas using a GRAPPLE GROUNDER will cause it to appear beige with darker beige and red details.  Does anybody think that this trivia and an image of the appearance of the Hideout with each dragon should be included in the HIDEOUT Page when it's created?  Just asking.  Rockatoa, Brickticks out!

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  • Rosalaun


    February 21, 2016 by Rosalaun

    Do I was looking at the Dragons category and thought it lokked a bit wordy so I made a mock up using the same information on the page but separated it into tabbers and I want to get people's opinions on it.

    Does it look alright? And do you think we should use it?

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  • Rosalaun

    To All of the New Editors

    February 20, 2016 by Rosalaun

    Thanks you so much for helping out here.

    I didn't think too many people would help out considering this place was a bit, well desolate, for a while.

    All of your contributions are greatly appreciated and I hope that we can make this place the best we can!

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  • VariableCipher

    Bounty Board

    February 14, 2016 by VariableCipher

    The wiki is currently in need of the following information:

    • Dragon Bonding XP and UDT prizes for Gold and Silver against Berseker ships.
    • Dragon Bonding XP and UDT prizes for Gold and Bronze against Outcast ships.

    • Information on Clan Achievements.

    • Armor Wing: Max HP and images (egg just before hatching, baby, and warpaint skin)
    • Boneknapper: Images (egg just before hatching and warpaint skin)
    • Catastrophic Quaken: Images (egg just before hatching and baby)
    • Deadly Nadder: Images (egg just before hatching)
    • Death Song: Images (egg just before hatching and baby)
    • Devilish Dervish: Images (egg just before hatching and baby)
    • Fireworm Queen: Images (baby)
    • Flightmare: Images (egg just before hatching)
    • Gronckle: UDT points to unlock for coins; images (egg just bef…

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  • Wiki-LPS100

    Officially an admin

    January 10, 2016 by Wiki-LPS100

    Hello, and I have become the official admin from this wiki, which means I can (plus,with some help from other future admins) edit and add certain stuffs that only admins can do.

    Currently, some pages are going to be deleted (specially pages which are duplicated or it's not really needed); while some pages need more information (such as Training Grounds).

    If anyone needs help or something else with me, feel free to contact me.

    This has been LPS100.
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  • Wiki-LPS100

    I'm Wiki-LPS100 and, I have sended an Adoption Request to become the admit of this wikia. Still awaiting for the official response (I've got an unofficial one).

    The admit, Lifesky as been inactive since August 19th, 2013 and, there are certain decisions that can only be made with the admin's action and position. However, according with the Adoption Guidelines, I have to make a forum/blogpost about it since, I've mentioned there was a little few amout of contributors around here, adding and editting stuffs.

    So, I hope you all understand the problem that's happening and accept the adoption that's been done.

    This has been LPS100.
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  • Rosalaun


    December 24, 2015 by Rosalaun
    • Add categories to dragon pages - class, member, starting dragons

    • Add pages for clothing, farm, and hideout items?
    • Add pages for farm animals?
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  • Kittensrock123

    deadly nadder rule. they can fly when they are a teen and stay in the air for about 4 seconds thats 

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  • Kittensrock123




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  • Lifesky

    New wiki!!

    July 27, 2013 by Lifesky

    Hi wikiers!!

    First off, thank you all so much for all your help with this wiki!! It's grown so much in the past few days, and it's thanks to you guys!!

    Secondly, When you guys make a page, please be sure to put it down in the Wiki Content here. This will help keep track of all the pages that we have, prevent us from maing double pages, and track all the pages we need.

    Thirdly, if you guys ever have any troubles here with pages, users, or page content, please let me know. I'll try to moniter things as much as I can on this wiki!

    Let me know if there's anything else I need to mention or do.

    Happy editing all~


    EDIT: I just realized another thing I should mention. I deleted the Nightfury page because there was already a Night Fury page here. …

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