• YanagiNiTsubame

    With this entry I will start reviewing each (currently available) dragon, comparing it with its skill mates, and general utility. A reminder that these are my opinions, and they are formed with a high difficulty level in mind, where said skill is advantageous.

    Other posts:

    1: General considerations

    Healing allies (and especially your avatar) is a crucial ability to succesfully clear a level. But some dragons are better than others for this task.

    Max stats of the currently available dragons (in italic: calculated stats. Actual game stats might be a bit different)

    Dragon Atk Fpr Mov Crit Hpr Def Health
    Prickleboggle 150 250 3 125 400 74 2350
    Tide Glider 150 340 3 150 250 150 4100

    The Prickleboggle is a defense-less dragon with a healing firebreath. This is…

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  • YanagiNiTsubame

    Note: The opinions expressed here are my own, gathered through mine and other player's experience. By no means they are to be taken as the only playstyle possible, or the one that SoD meant for this minigame. Other posts: 2: Healing, Paralysis

    With new Dragon Tactics levels released for every expansion and event, this minigame is becoming a prominent feature of School of Dragons, and the one that will likely grew more with time. Higher difficulty levels are introduced, and coveted prizes are added as reward. But leveling up a team to face the most difficult levels takes time, and players are left with the decision of which dragons prioritize for this task. This series of guides is meant to help the players with this decision.

    In this first e…

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  • YanagiNiTsubame

    With 15,000 candies to collect for the grand prize, you better plan ahead!

    Quest name Reward
    Dreadfall's Revenge 50 +2
    GHOSTS! 100
    Return of the Dagur 150
    Dangers in the Ice 200 

    • First time clear: 250

    Trading in Dreadfall-related apparel or farm decorations awards a variable number of . Beware! You will lose said item forever if you exchange it for candies.

    • 25 on day 1 and 2
    • 50 on day 3 and 4
    • 100 on day 5

    • Dreadfall Silver Chest (50 gems): 31-100 
    • Dreadfall Gold Chest (150 gems): 101-250 
    • Dreadfall Platinum Chest (250 gems): 230-300 

    • 10 on Day 1
    • Some Dreadfall item on day 3, that can be traded for
    • Dreadfall silver chest on day 5, that rewards between 31-100 

    Can be done each 20h, it's not recommended as Dragon Tactics is reported to cause a severe Level…

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  • Wiki-LPS100

    During Battle Events, the Base Damage and the Shot Limit are very important Battle stats as it's what contributes the most during battle and what divides the dragons by strategies:

    • The higher the Base Damage, the higher the score, because a Critical Hit doubles the damage, if a dragon has the Base Damage of 36, the Critical Hit will be 72. Though often times, dragons with higher Base Damage have less shots, meaning more laps to get to the Recovery Station and back to damaging the boat;
      • The Speed Stinger has the extreme case of this, his Base Damage is 50 and the Critical Hit is 100, the highest Base Damage and Critical Hit of all the dragons but only has one shot and his inability to fly makes it much harder to use in Battle;
    • The higher the Nº o…
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  • Wiki-LPS100

    Sitting Idle is a new animation set for some set of dragons added around in March 19th, 2019, the dragons will now display a new sole set of animation when sitting ranging from a simply look around to getting up and shake their heads. But just like the normal idle, the sitting idle will happen at random and often times, the dragon simply won't do it, raising questions regarding if the dragon has it or not.

    This list is not only for the users to see but this is also for us to note down which dragons we've got to be cautious with, for example, the Scauldron has sitting idle but I was only able to discover it after I titan them.

    Just like the model animation, the "owner" of the sitting idle animation is who was released first, for example, Toot…

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  • Wiki-LPS100

    To save time here's a chronological list of the release of Dragon. Dragons highlighted in red means they're untrainable and Dragons highlighted in purple means they require Membership to be unlocked.

    • July 17th: Deadly Nadder, Gronckle, Hideous Zippleback and Monstrous Nightmare - released with the Game's release.

    • February 13th: Thunderdrum and Whispering Death
    • May 6th: Night Fury
    • June 27th: Skrill
    • July 7th: Scauldron
    • July 30th: Rumblehorn
    • August 6th: Flightmare
    • August 14th: Hobblegrunt
    • August 26th: Raincutter
    • August 29th: Smothering Smokebreath
    • September 12th: Typhoomerang
    • October 10th: Boneknapper
    • November 7th: Stormcutter
    • November 21st: Snafflefang
    • December 5th: Changewing
    • December 19th Fireworm Queen
    • December 29th: Screaming Death

    • January 16th: Tide Glider
    • January 29th: Sc…

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  • YanagiNiTsubame

    This might a bit late, but however...

    As you know, if you collect the 10 Terrible Terrors' hats in the current Maze of Cheer , you will be rewarded 15 gems. This can be done only once per viking, however free gems are free gems.

    The hats are in the same spot for all players, so be sure you don't miss any! To help you I'll list their position, in the order you'll find them in the maze:

    1. In the first halllway, just after you enter the maze
    2. Third cave of "Avoid the Boulders/Christmas adornments" course
    3. On the "Cross by fruit" tile labyrynth
    4. Near the exit of the "Raise the platform" course
    5. Inside the "Follow the path" course: Tracker room
    6. Inside the "Follow the path" course: Boulder room (last one)
    7. On the hallway at the exit of the "Memorize the path" t…
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  • YanagiNiTsubame

    The Fire Range of a dragon, that is, from how far it can shoot a target, it's a characteristics that varies from dragon species to dragon species. However, there isn't an official in-game stat that reflects it.

    This characteristics is really important for Battle Events, as the fartest you can shot the boat, the less damage you will receive from the ship's wepons, and this can heavily influence your final score. Being hit by the boat rocks or arrows not only lower your health, but also lower your score.

    To help players in deciding which one of their dragons is best for battle events, you will find a table below with some user-made stats about the dragons fire range.

    To keep it consistent from dragon to dragon, the fire range was calculated as …

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  • YanagiNiTsubame

    This post will be used to gather all info on this new type of event that was announced on 27th June 2018 on the various social media of the game.}}

    By the description, the third clue may have caused some glitches.

    • Released: 08/21/2018
    • Item: Shattered Blade
    • FINAL REWARD: Stormshatter Chest
      • When opening the chest, make sure you have space for the Stormshatter.

    • It's in a free Location, originally part of an expansion. The chest itself is in a sub-location of the main location, now accessible to all players.
    • Somewhat easy to notice as the access to said sub-location was re-positioned.
      • The location is relatively close, as it requires you to do 2 sharp turns.
    • No NCP will appear in the location after you find the chest.
    • Check that you have your quest arrow t…

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  • Wiki-LPS100

    Bounty Board 3.0

    March 21, 2018 by Wiki-LPS100


    With the v2.10.0 update and the v2.11.0 update, School of Dragons changed a lot, from updating the graphics to organization, and the old Bounty Board being very outdated (last edit was in March 9th, 2017), it's better if a new one is created.

    I'll try to keep this up-to-date as well as make sure things are under control.

    It's all good
    Needs some touches/redos/doesn't have a few things
    Is missing said information
    Doesn't have said part
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  • Rosalaun

    Username Change

    January 13, 2017 by Rosalaun

    So if you've noticed my username has changed to something that doesn't take a million years to write out! 

    If you don't remember who I was this is WildEyedWarriorQueen.

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  • Wiki-LPS100

    Short announcement

    August 29, 2016 by Wiki-LPS100

    Hello, this is LPS100 here:

    One of our Admins, WildEyedWarriorQueen is having severe problems with its computer, its PC is acting funky and it doesn't allow them to fully work on the wikia. They are now using Mobile, but, unfortunately Wikias and Mobiles can't fully function with one each other.

    I asked them if I could make an announcement about their inactivity and, they allowed. So, if anyone is worried about their "disappearance", this is the reason why they can't be more active on the wikia.

    Thanks for understanding and have a good day.

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  • Wiki-LPS100

    Hey, I'm back!

    June 16, 2016 by Wiki-LPS100

    Hello, this is LPS100:

    I'm sorry if I was in Hiatus for a tremendous amount of time. My pc died and the Second-handed laptop also died.

    I see that this wiki evolved a lot ever since I saw it and, I love it! Keep up with editings! :D

    Now that I have a new pc, I can finally start work on this wiki without any problem.

    Hope you guys understood and, have a nice day. ^^

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  • Rosalaun

    Applying for adminship

    April 7, 2016 by Rosalaun

    So a while back LPS messaged me saying they haven't been active due to computer issues (and mobile wikia not working for them) so since they are the only admin at the moment I thought I would apply for wikia adoption.

    If anyone has any opposition to this let me know!

    (Adoption application : )

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  • YanagiNiTsubame

    I'm not sure if this info is worth to be put somewhere in the wiki, but it might be of interest.

    I don't have enough data to determine if the sales are cyclic (appears in the same order), but at least common sense suggests that if a dragon was put on sale recently, you won't see it again on sale soon (unless it's given a new animation). I also have some "holes" in the data because I couldn't find the forum announcement for each week, and I wasn't playing/paying attention to sales at that time. So if you have more info please let me know.

    A dragon egg is put on sale (usually 50% off) each Tuesday for 3 days. Sometimes, on Friday a new dragon animation is released, and the corresponding egg can be put on sale for 3 days. On rare occasions, all…

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  • Rosalaun

    To All of the New Editors

    February 20, 2016 by Rosalaun

    Thanks you so much for helping out here.

    I didn't think too many people would help out considering this place was a bit, well desolate, for a while.

    All of your contributions are greatly appreciated and I hope that we can make this place the best we can!

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  • Wiki-LPS100

    Officially an admin

    January 10, 2016 by Wiki-LPS100

    Hello, and I have become the official admin from this wiki, which means I can (plus,with some help from other future admins) edit and add certain stuffs that only admins can do.

    Currently, some pages are going to be deleted (specially pages which are duplicated or it's not really needed); while some pages need more information (such as Training Grounds).

    If anyone needs help or something else with me, feel free to contact me.

    This has been LPS100.
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  • Wiki-LPS100

    I'm Wiki-LPS100 and, I have sended an Adoption Request to become the admit of this wikia. Still awaiting for the official response (I've got an unofficial one).

    The admit, Lifesky as been inactive since August 19th, 2013 and, there are certain decisions that can only be made with the admin's action and position. However, according with the Adoption Guidelines, I have to make a forum/blogpost about it since, I've mentioned there was a little few amout of contributors around here, adding and editting stuffs.

    So, I hope you all understand the problem that's happening and accept the adoption that's been done.

    This has been LPS100.
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  • Lifesky

    New wiki!!

    July 27, 2013 by Lifesky

    Hi wikiers!!

    First off, thank you all so much for all your help with this wiki!! It's grown so much in the past few days, and it's thanks to you guys!!

    Secondly, When you guys make a page, please be sure to put it down in the Wiki Content here. This will help keep track of all the pages that we have, prevent us from maing double pages, and track all the pages we need.

    Thirdly, if you guys ever have any troubles here with pages, users, or page content, please let me know. I'll try to moniter things as much as I can on this wiki!

    Let me know if there's anything else I need to mention or do.

    Happy editing all~


    EDIT: I just realized another thing I should mention. I deleted the Nightfury page because there was already a Night Fury page here. …

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