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Astrid: "Dragon training can be really hectic, so the sound of running water relaxes me.

I love how the light hits the water. I think it's the most beautiful thing at the School of Dragons. You should go check out all the bodies of water here. Start by finding the signal by the lake."

1- Visit the lake at the school

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Astrid: "This is the main fishing lake at the school. Rivers feed into it and that's why there are so many different types of fish here.

Find where the river flows out of the lake. It's a really interesting place!"

2- Find the river that feeds into the ocean

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Astrid: "Great! You found it! See how the freshwater drains into the ocean? All the bodies of water work together. Isn't it wonderful?

Walk down the wooden stairs to the signal and check out the waterfall at the ocean."

3- Find the waterfall that drains into the ocean

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Astrid: "The ocean is always salty, and there are so many different types of animals that live in it!

We should have a swimming race one of these days! For now, though, just come back and talk to me."

4- Meet Astrid near the store in school

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Astrid: "You're going to be a well-rounded student in no time. Remember, a good Viking needs to use their brain as much as their brawn."

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