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Phlegma: "Were you wondering why we strong Vikings have a botany class? It's all about life science. That's the study of living organisms, such as plants, animals, Vikings, and of course dragons!

Let's begin with a small lesson on how plants help our lives here at the school. Please get me two lavender plants from the greenhouse!"

1- Collect the lavender plants from the greenhouse

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Phlegma: "All the medicine we use here is made from plants and animals. These plants will be perfect!

A lot of our Vikings suffer from insomnia. They can't get a good might's sleep because their dragons snore as loud as thunder! Take these lavender plants over to Heather to turn into tea."

2- Deliver the lavender plants to Heather

Heather icon

Heather: "I am so glad you brought me these. I thought I was going to have a roit on my hands! Everyone gets really cranky when they don't get enough sleep.

I can infuse these flower heads with some boiling water and make a batch of tea. It will soothe and relax all the tired Vikings! While I do, please go back to Phlegma so she can give you the next lesson."

3- Meet Phlegma

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "I thought it would take you a little longer. You're really good!

Life science also helps us improve our way of life by growing food. Agriculture (that's a fancy word for farming) gives us 80% of our food supply!

Johann needs to restock the store's food. Please deliver 5 dragon nip plants, 5 ears of corn and 5 sunflowers to Astrid. She's helping Johann for a little while. You can grow those from your Farm!"

4- Deliver food to Astrid at the Training Grounds

Astrid icon

Astrid: "This will really help out all the new students!"

Heather icon

Heather: "The tea is done. You can come and get it."

5- Collect the tea from Heather

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Heather: "This is a pretty strong batch, but you can't deal with cranky Vikings with weak tea.

Take it to Gobber in the Hatchery. He has a way with people!"

6- Deliver the tea to Gobber in the Hatchery

Gobber icon

Gobber: "These baby dragons are cute, but they're louder than Thornado. I might drink all this tea myself if I have to stand here any longer!

If you're helping Vikings out today, I have a new task for you. Snotlout has been complaining all day that Hookfang is being ornery! If you ask me, I think Snotlout's just whining again. Will you go talk to him and sort it out?"

7- Meet Snotlout in the Hatchery

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "My dumb dragon seems to have another toothache.

Can you go get Hookfang a toothache plant? I know the Botanist told me it goes by another name, but I like remembering the easier name. There is usually one growing near the lake!"

8- Collect the Toothache plant

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "That's the one. Please hurry, I am running out of burn cream, and Hookfang's looking like he wants to breathe some more fire!

Hurry up and bring the whole plant back to me, double time! Hookfang is ready to blow up!"

9- Deliver the toothache plant to Snotlout

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "I don't like to read words, but life science has saved me once again! Normally a Viking would only eat one flower to numb the mouth, but Hookfang is so big he just eats the whole plant! Hookfang and my body hair thank you!"

Known Bugs Edit

Several players have reported a bug that affects step 4: when trying to give the food to Astrid, the game will freeze. After that, every time you need to speak to Astrid, even for other quests, the game will freeze, making it impossible to advance in the game.

This bug is known as "Astrid Bug", and it seems that mainly affect the desktop version of the game. While it first appeared when this platform was released, it's still around (2018).

Solution Edit

Reinstalling the game do not solve this problem. For some players, changing the platform to the mobile app seem to work, but for others it doesn't.

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