Call of the Deathsong is the second expansion pack of SoD, released on August 29th 2015, as part of update 1.14.

The original price is 1250 Gems Gems icon trans.

Basic PlotEdit

The dangerous Death Song is invading Berk, trapping vikings and dragons in its amber-like fire. Learn about invasive species while you find a new home and new food for the Death Song. You will be helped by a mysterious Rogue Dragon Rider, that will turn out to be someone known.

What you getEdit

  • Access to the locations
  • A Razorwhip egg
  • A Baby Deathsong dragon
  • Snotlout's farm decoration
  • An age-up


* - Free for all players.

CalldeathsongQuests Edit

Assault on Berk!
The Mystery of Sven's Farm
Journey to Death Song Island
Following the Rogue Rider
The Death Song Amber
The Master Amber Scheme
Invasive Species?
Where's Heather?
Berk Defense
The Newest Dragon Eye Lens
What's this?
Legend of the Dragon Valkyrie
The Mysterious Dragon Eye
The Groncicle Inside Scoop
Who is the Rogue Rider?
The Death Song Menace
Shipwreck Lane
The Hatchery is in Trouble
Loose Ends
The Aftermath
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