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Archaeologist: "Blast this endless darkness! It feels like it's been night forever on Icestorm Island. Would you be so kind as to ask your dragon to light the fire pit for me again?"

1- Light the fire in camp

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Archaeologist: "Ah, that's better! The arctic is a difficult place to live. The temperatures are extreme, and during the winter, it stays dark day and night! This period without daylight is called a polar night. Due to the axial tilt of the Earth, the Sun does not rise here for about one month in the winter.

It's tough to not see the sun for such a long time, but the opposite is also very difficult. During the summer, we get 24 hours of daylight every day for over a month! This is called the polar day or the midnight Sun.

The lack of sunlight during the winter can be quite disheartening... It would be nice to spend time somewhere south of here. In fact, I would love to visit School of Dragons.

Hiccup has told me so much about it and I would live to see it with my own eyes. Would you mind showing me around? I will take Johann's ship to the school and meet you there!"

2- Meet the Archaeologist at School

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Archaeologist: "I'm very excited to be here. I was just speaking to the Headmaster and admiring the Great Hall. This place is quite impressive!

It's hard enough to believe that Vikings are living peacefully with dragons, let alone training them! Click on me and then lead me to the Hatchery so I can see it with my own eyes."

3- Lead the Archaeologist to the Hatchery

Note: Take the stairs as opposed to go around the main building but make sure you're in the middle of it - if you lose him, don't worry as he will remain in the exact position you left him in.

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Archaeologist: "What an intriguing place! So this is where a dragon's bond with its trainer begins. I never could have imagined we would be able to do such a thing.

Ah, I can feel my mood lightening already, just by soaking in the sun. Let's continue!
Hiccup has told me about your laboratory. Can you show it to me please?"

4- Lead the Archaeologist to the Lab

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Heather: "Welcome to the School of Dragons! I'm Heather, the alchemist of the school. I see [Your Viking's Name] is giving you the grand tour. This is our lab. We test our hypotheses by doing experiments here.

It's a good thing you are spending some time in a sunnier place. Our bodies need sunlight to produce vitamin D, which keeps our bones strong. During the polar night when there is no sun, you can also get vitamin D by eating fish like salmon and trout."

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Archaeologist: "It is very nice to meet you Heather.
[Your Viking's Name], can we stop by Berk? It's been so long since I left! I'd love to lay my eyes on that beautiful island again."

5- Meet the Archaeologist in Berk

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Archaeologist: "I used to think Berk's seasons were harsh, but spending time at places like Icestorm Island made me realize that it could be much worse. In Berk and many other place, the time of daylight shortens as winter comes. This is a seasonal pattern that occurs in Berk every winter.

Here, the sun always rises over the horizon, even in the dead of winter. In the arctic, however, the daylight dwindles until the sun doesn't even break the horizon. This is due to being located so far north.

I used to spend hours on the beach, staring out into the ocean and watching the ships sail by. On clear days like this, you can get a fantastic view. Lead the way to the shore, my dear friend!"

6- Escort the Archaeologist to the shore

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Archaeologist: "When I was a boy, I used to explore these shores by myself. I didn't care much for wrestling or fighting dragons like the other kids. That's part of the reason why I left. I knew that my skills were better suited for archaeology and exploration.

It feels great to be home, but it's high time I returned to my work. I need to get back to Icestorm Island. Johann and I will have a fun ride back to the camp. Meet me there when you're ready, my friend!"

7- Meet the Archaeologist at Icestorm Island

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Archaeologist: "That was a lovely little vacation! Thank you, my friend. I feel invigorated again! I'll have to catch some sun in Berk or at the school next time I'm weary of this darkness."

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