Expansion packs are purchasable packs that serve to both unlock and expand the game, and unlock either a galore of quests or 10 long, drawn-out quests, depending on the expansion. However, the quests often reward very bountifully and the most known reward from Expansions are Dragon eggs and/or grown Dragons, often rewarded in the middle or in the end of the Expansion.

With the exception of Icestorm Island and Battle for the Edge, the expansions are anything but cheap, often costing around 1,000 Gems icon trans or higher.

The Expansion packs can be unlocked by either Membership or by purchase with Gems.

In cases like Battle for the Edge, you can purchase the Hideout alone without having to buy the entire Expansion.

Expansion Price:Edit

  • Icestorm Icestorm Island - 500 Gold icon trans
  • Calldeathsong Call of the Deathsong - 1,250 Gems icon trans
  • Battleedge Battle for the Edge - 500 Gold icon trans
  • Returnisland Return to Dragon Island - 1,250 Gems icon trans
  • Sotl icon The Secret of Leviathan - 1,000 Gems icon trans
  • Rise 3 Rise of Stormheart - 1,250 Gems icon trans
  • Wrath 3 Wrath of Stormheart - 1,250 Gems icon trans
  • The hidden world icon The Hidden World - 1,250 Gems icon trans
  • Coth icon Curse Of The Hobgobbler - 1,250 Gems icon trans

One-off Expansion Price:Edit

As for 24th of December, 2016, Icestorm Island's price was changed from 800 Gems icon trans to 500 Gold icon trans permanently, and in April 23rd, 2019, Battle for the Edge experienced the same change, decreasing from 1,000 Gems icon trans to 500 Gold icon trans permanently.

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