Farming quests are free quests that either require a specific number of crops or animal products in order to proceed.

  • The quest will list in the Infobox how many Animal products and/or Crops you need for the quest, AND the quantity of feeds and seed bags you need to buy!
  • It also tells you how much time you need to get all those items, based in the longest time required for one of the items. This of course will work if you have enough farming plots and animals to grow/feed at the same time.
  • Check if you already have some of the items needed in your backpack, and only farm what you need.
  • Ideally, check what you need before accepting he quest, or qhen you are just starting it, and plant/feed right away. You'll have less to wait when you get to the step that requires you to give these items!
  • If you don't have the level required to unlock said item, either do Farm Jobs or harvest Chickens to both have experience and food for your dragons;

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