Primary Starter Dragons are dragons that, after recieving the Secondary Starter, players have to hatch to "prove" that they can take care of a baby dragon too.

The Primary along with the Secondary unlock the Stable Missions without having to buy another one.

The Non-Member Starters are essentially the exact dragons that the protagonists train: the Deadly Nadder, the Gronckle, the Hideous Zippleback and the Monstrous Nightmare.

The player can freely choose whoever they want to tame and can be unlocked for UDT Points and be bought for Coins - they are generally cheaper than the Member Starters.

The Member Starters were the more wild, untamed dragons that caused the protagonsits troubles in some adenturers: the Skrill, the Thunderdrum and the Whispering Death.

Players required Membership to be able to choose these dragon and they were more costly, with the Skrill being the default dragon egg price up until April 13th, 2020. They don't have an UDT Points counterpart.

The Whispering Death's egg is rewarded by completing Explore the Dark Depths, making the first Member Starter to be freely rewarded to other players from a free Quest.

As for January 3rd, 2020, during v3.5.0, ALL Member Starters were removed from The Hatchery.


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