The Store allows the player to purchase various items in game.

It can be accessed by an icon on the left part of the screen, or by walking into Johann's Trading Store in Berk or the School.

With Version 2.12.0 (May 2018), you can now "purchase" some items by watching a short video ad. It only applies to items that costs 36 or less Gold icon trans or 5 Gems icon trans, in the categories Consumables, Farm seeds and Animal feed, and Fishing baits.

The main sections of the store are as follows:

Icon Section Icon Section
Store membership
Store gems and coins
Gems and Coins
Store Bundles
Store Expansions
Store Dragon Eggs
Dragon Eggs
Store Deals and Sales
Deals and Sales
Store Dragon Care
Dragon Care
Store Dragon saddles
Dragon Saddles
Store Viking Clothes
Viking Clothes
Store Dragon Skins
Dragon Skins
Store Viking Gear
Viking Gear
Store Hideout Furniture
Hideout Furniture
Store Farming
Store Fishing

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