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Woolly Howler
Woolly Howler
Night Lights
[[File:Strike class.png|center]]
[[File:Strike class.png|center]]

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Death Gripper

Night Furry

Light Furry

Song Wing

Snow Wraith


Triple Strike

Woolly Howler

Night Lights

Strike class

Represented by an impact causing 3 rays of light, the Strike Class are Dragons with a pin-point accuracy, high velocity and often have special ways to navegate themselves in harsh conditions. These Dragons often have a low Acceleration, an average Pitch Rate and Titan Damage Boost, and a high Max. Speed. This class has an advantage in the following Stable Missions:

Slot Mission
Slot 1
  • Beginner’s Pitch and Roll;
  • Social hour;
  • Toothless Time!

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