Tidal class

Represented by a whirlpool, the Tidal Class Dragons are adapted to the hydrosphere, containing attributes specialized to swim rapidly in the water or to defend themselves either emerged or submerged. These Dragons often have a high Nº of Shots, an average Max. Speed and Acceleration, and a low Pitch Rate, Turn Rate and Base Damage. This class has an advantage in the following Stable Missions:

Slot Mission
Slot 1
  • Kicking the Bucket
Slot 2
  • Blasted Barnacles;
  • Dazed and Stunned;
  • Faster and Slicker
Slot 3
  • Rain on Me;
  • Snap the Trapper;
  • Under the Sea;
  • Within the Mist
Slot 4
  • Deck the Halls of Valhalla;
  • Shipwrecked?
Slot 6
  • Fishing with Mulch;
  • Protect the Future;
  • Treasure Hunting

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