Released in Update 1.19 on April 20th, 2016, the Titan Stage is an optional state of development of a Dragon - only the Dragons with the Titan Stage released into the game can be titan-ed up.

While optinal, the stage increases the Battle Health, Energy and boosts the Base Damage slightly. Titan-ing a dragon can also increase the percentages in Stable Missions and to an extent unlocks Titan-exclusive Stable Missions who are often very bountiful in Experience Points, Coins and often include Gem Prizes or Mystery Dragon Egg Chests.

With the exception of Toothless who requires an active 6 or more months to come with the Alpha Toothless Skin, all the Titans comes with a cost: The appearance will be altered, the quantity of the alteration depends within Titans. Titans like Dramillion barely have any changes whereas Titans like Death Song change drastically - because the only available ways to Titan a Dragon are to use 50 Titan Runes who are hard to find or spend 500 Gems icon trans to skip the Titan Runes, be sure to first check and look for images of said Titan before paying/wasting Runes on something that can't go back.

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