Tracker class

Represented by a compass, the Tracker Class Dragons are Dragons with a high acute sense of smell, capable of tracking down anything without a problem. These Dragons often have a high Base Damage and Pitch Rate, an average Turn Rate and Firepower, and a low Max. speed and Nº of Shots. This class has an advantage in the following Stable Missions:

Slot Mission
Slot 1
  • Hide and Seek;
  • Kicking the Bucket;
  • Natural Pest Deterrent;
  • Rescue the baby Nadders!
Slot 2 The Ancient Stones
Slot 3
  • Missing Viking;
  • Snap the Trapper
Slot 4
  • Bone Doctor;
  • Lynxes, Penguins, Oh My!
Slot 6 Sniff Sniff Sniff

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