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Gobber: "Help! My chocolate is stuck in the bottle. I poured it in these bottles a few months back, and now I can't seem to get them back out.

Maybe Heather can help. She's got her head on straight. Can you talk to her?"

1- Talk to Heather by the Lab

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Heather: "Hi! What can I do for you?

Chocolate seems to get Gobber into a lot of trouble! We'll figure out how to get it out. Check your Field Guide for more information about how things change from liquids to solids.

We'll need to find some chocolate to run some tests. Ask Fishlegs if he has any spare!"

2- Collect chocolate from Fishlegs

Item Chocolates


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Fishlegs: "Oh! I love eating my chocolate after Meatlug breathes fire on it. It melts all over the place!

Here, you can have my last piece of chocolate. You should ask the kids around school for more."

3- Collect chocolate from Wartihog at the Lookout

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Wartihog: "You need chocolate for Gobber? Sure! Don't eat it cold or you'll hurt your teeth. It's rock solid!"

4- Collect chocolate from Clueless at the Lookout

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Clueless: "Huh? Chocolate? I think I have some around here somewhere. You can have it. It's a little sticky, since it's been in my warm pocket all day."

5- Collect chocolate from Speedifist at the Training Grounds

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Speedifist: "You can have this chunk. Chocolate tastes so good! It just melts in your mouth."

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Heather: "Bring the materials you've collected to the Lab. We'll use the information you gathered to make a hypothesis."

6- Choose you hypothesis

Chocolate in a bottle hyp

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Heather: "Nice! Okay, let's get on with the experiment! Enter The Lab and tap on the apparatus to get started."

7- Heat up the chocolate

Chocolate in a bottle lab

The Lab

Lab 1: Have your dragon heat the chocolate. Observe and record in your journal.
Lab 2: Cool the liquid chocolate with ice. Observe and record in your Journal.
Lab 3: Add water to the chocolate. Observe and record in your Journal.
Lab 4: Using the Pestle action, mix water and chocolate. Observe and record in your Journal.

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Heather: "You proved your hypothesis to be true/false. Raising or lowering temperature can change the state of chocolate, and the effects are reversible! I bet Gobber will be excited to find out."

8- Talk to Gobber in Berk

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Gobber: "Time for me to get my delicious treat out of my bottle! This is a good day!"

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