Clans are one of the social parts of the game and an optional mechanism that isn't necessary to progress through the game. It was added in v3.0, 29th of August, 2013 and it's known for being a very beloved and talked about addition within the School of Dragons Community, so much so, there's even a SoD Forum channel[1] just for players to announce their own clan or in look for a clan.

What are Clans for?Edit

Clans are the near equivalent of a team, it's a group involving players gathered together to interact with eachother and work together to get to an objective, in this case, players work together to gather a grand number of Trophies Trophy or to complete the Clan Achievements. Entering a Clan isn't a requirement to advance the game, as Clans are essentially the social section of the game - the player requires to be active with other clanmen as well as play with MMO on so that all the activity the player does such as Fishing also adds to the Fishing-related Clan Achievements.

Clans have a strong mutual connection with Trophies which is an Experience Point without any big rewards but is very respected upon the community, so much so, some Clans require a daily collection of Trophies just to join in or to have an x amount of Trophies - why are the Trophies such a big requirement is because Clans increase their Ranks by collecting Trophies. The more clanmen beat Fireball Frenzy and Thunder Run Racing, the more Trophies a Clan has and the higher the Rank get. Trophies are also rewarded for completing Clan Achievements and are the main and sole objective of a special tournament dedicated to the Clans: Clash of Clans

The requirements of joining a Clan depend on what the Leader wants so it's better to check on the requirements of a Clan first before taking guesses on how to join it - the School of Dragons Forum is an excellent location to search for the Leaders of the Clan and ask for its requirements.

Searching for a ClanEdit

When you first start the game, you will start without any Clan and one of the first few things you might encounter are invites to join a random Clan - The benefits of joining a Clan and creating your own are different and down below will be an in-depth explanation of how to create a Clan, join a Clan and the difference of each method's benefits.

Inside a ClanEdit


Within a Clan, there's a total of 3 ranks: Leader, Elder and Member.

Leader The Leader is the chief of the Clan, often being the creator of the Clan. This rank can promote Members to Elders and Elders to Leader though be careful, Clans can only have one Leader, if a Leader promotes an Elder to Leader, the old Leader will be demoted to a Member. Leaders can also:
Clan details 6

All the available options as a Leader

  • Send clan invites;
  • Change the size or type of the Clan;
  • Change the clan summary and description;
  • Post news posts to the clan message board;
  • Demote Vikings within the Clan;
  • Remove a Viking from the Clan;

Leaders in the Clans are the core of the Clans, as they're the one who command the Clans and organize the Clans - when a Clan loses its Leader either by abandon its own Clan, abandon its game, higher ranks users being guilty of being hackers or to an extent by inputting trust on a new Leader, it's common for a Clan to break itself apart and crumble into dust.[2]

Clan details 4

All the available options as an Elder

The Elder is the equivalent of a second-in-command of the Clan, they're usually players who the Leader inputs their trust on and help the Leader organize the Clan. The only way to be promoted to Elder is by a Leader which often has restricting requirements or simply takes to trust on the Leader though just like joining Clans, it's best to ask for the requirements of being an Elder.

A Clan can have more than one Elder and Elders can send invites (if the Clan is public), send messages and promote Members to Elders.

Clan details 2

The only the available option as a Member

Members are the lowest rank and applies to all the clanmen without a high rank. Member can't promote or demote other clanmen but they can write a message to the Clan.


  • 12/9/13, version 4.0: Clan rankings based on trophies added;
  • 27/9/13, version 4.2: Maximum characters in Clan name increased to 20. Clicking to remove a player from a clan now brings up a confirmation pop-up. Problem of Clan logo not displaying if the Clan name is too long fixed;
  • 21/2/19, v3.0.0: Clan receives a new layout.


  • The buttons that appears when you select a player have a big tendency to just lose the background;
  • The notification for a Join Request is very far away from the actual button.


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