Added to the game on 8/29/13 as a part of ther v3.0, clans are one of the social parts of School of Dragons.  Perhaps more commonly called 'guilds' in other games, clans are groups of users who have joined together for fun, friendship, or glory.  A clan can be created through the use of gems.  Exactly how many gems it takes to start a clan depends on how many members the clan can have and how people can--or can't--apply for membership.

The lowest cost to start a clan is 75 gems.  For that cost, a clan can have a maximum of 10 members and is set as 'Public', meaning that any player not yet in a clan can join, without needing to be approved for membership within the clan.

Creating a 'Private' clan, where Vikings can apply for entrance but not automatically join without having been sent a clan invite, will cost an additional 10 gems.  Creating a 'Private' clan stops anyone from being able to apply to join, relying on clan invites in order to bring in new members.  'Private' clans cost 20 gems more than a Public clan of the same size.

Clans can have up to 100 members, if there are enough gems to pay for a clan of that size.  Once created, the clan size and type (Public, Private, or Closed) can be changed for additional gems.  Unlike in certain other games, gem costs are the sole responsibility of the clan Leader and there is no system to share costs beyond transferring leadership to someone who pays the gem cost and then having that player give leadership back to the prior Leader.  >When a Viking creates a clan, they immediately become its leader.

Clan crests can be customized for free, using a selection of provided images and a color picker.  Setting summaries and descriptions are also free but can be difficult, since blocked words are not highlighted in either editor.

Clans can increase their rank when any of their members earn trophies.

Clans require at least four members.  Upon creating a clan, the Leader has 15 days to get at least that many members or else the clan will be automatically disbanded.  The official forum has a dedicated section for advertising clans.  In addition to helping new clans gain their required number of members, that section can be used to search for even more members and is often used as a place to post a clan's Rule of Conduct and/ or joining requirements.


In many cases, the Leader of a clan is the same person who created the clan, although in older guilds leadership may have since past to a clan Elder after the original Leader decides to step down.  Since only a Leader can pass on leadership, it is more often the case that when a Leader leaves the game, the clan slowly dies, either breaking apart to join other clans or reforming around a new Leader from the original clan, now head of a new clan comprised of members primarily from the old one.

The Clan Leader can send clan invites, change the size or type of the clan, change the clan summary and description, post news posts to the clan message board, and promote and demote Vikings within the clan.  If a Leader promotes another player to Leader, the player who preformed the promotion will become an ordinary member.


The Elders of the clan are members who were promoted by the Leader or other Elders of the clan.  Elders in all clans have the ability to promote members to be Elders.  In Public clans, Elders can send clan invites to other Vikings.

The requirments for becoming an Elder are established by the Leader of the clan or as a group decision by the Leader and Elders.


Members are just ordinary Vikings in a clan.

Clan TournamentsEdit

Clan Tournaments are events in which clans battle against each other for the most trophies in order to win special prizes and have their banner on the website.

Since the second tournament, they are structured in 4 phases that last 1 week each. Each phase usually starts on Monday and ends the next Monday, 2 hours before the starting time of the next phase. This is to let the game's developers prepare the game for the next phase. The first week is a Pool Play, where all the clans participate. The 8 clans that earn the most trophies then go head-to-head with one another in the following weeks, in a bracket-style tournament. The second week is the Quarter Finals (8 clans), the third week is the Semi Finals (4 clans), the fourth week is the Finals (2 clans).

Points for clans are calculated by the number of trophies won in Thunder Run Racing, Fireball Frenzy, and Bull's-Eye Lagoon (when it was active) during the tournament itself.  While the exact formula for determining how many points a clan has earned, it is known that there is a method in place to even the playing field for smaller clans.  It is very likely that points earned are averaged across all the members in a clan, to prevent large but not very active clans from scoring easy wins.

Past TournamentsEdit

First Tournament Edit

Started: 1/16/2014

Duration: 1 week

Prize: Saddle of Champions

Winners: Snow Leopards

Second Tournament Edit

CoC 2 winners

Announcement of the winners on the SoD forum

Started: 3/3/2014

Duration: 4 weeks

Prize: Boots of Champions

Winners: Snow Leopards

A parallel challenge was set up, for a duration of 3 weeks after the end of the pool play, in which the Dragon Trainers ranking top 50 on Eel Roast’s high score board were awarded 200 coins and a special edition helmet (Helmet of Champions).

Third Tournament Edit

Start: 10/21/2014

Duration: 4 weeks

Prize: Wings of Champions (golden pauldrons)

Winners: The Phantom Lords

Fourth Tournament Edit


Announcement of the winners on the SoD forum

Started: 3/2/2015

Duration: 4 weeks

Prize: Helmet of Champions

Winners: The Phantom Shadows (Lords)

Note: Tour was extended by 4 days due to game problems preventing access to TRR.

Fifth Tournament Edit


Announcement of the winners on the SoD forum

Started: 2/29/2016

Duration: 4 weeks

Prize: Mask of the Champions

Winners: Spirit of Valhall

Sixth TournamentEdit

Cotc winers 17

Announcement of the winners on the SoD forum

Started: 3/1/17

Duration: 4 weeks

Prize: Gold Racing Skin for Toothless or Starter Dragon.

Winner: Fikang Racers
Fukang wasp skin

The Reward

Seventh Tournament

Started: 3/5/18

Duration: 5 weeks

Prize: Golden Racing Goggles

Winners: Breaking All Rules (Great Heights)

Note: Tour was extended by 1 week due to the many glitches that resulted from the Wrath of Stormheart expansion that was released during tournament, most notably the Sentinel Age-Up glitch that prevented many players from accessing their accounts for several weeks.


  • 9/12/13, version 4.0: Clan rankings based on trophies added.
  • 9/27/13, version 4.2: Maximum characters in clan name increased to 20.  Clicking to remove a player from a clan now brings up a confirmation pop-up.  Problem of clan logo not displaying if the clan name is too long fixed.