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!: "It's been much too long since Cloudjumper got to forget being a responsible, elder dragon and relaxed. Can you help him loosen up? Will reward handsomely - Valka"

1-Talk to Valka at New Berk

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Valka: "Some say that dragons end up mirroring their Viking partners... or is that the other way around? Either way, both Cloudjumper and I have become too serious and dour of late. I think it is past time that he gets a break.

I have just the remedy in mind, if you'll indulge the interests of a silly old woman like me. Will you meet me at the School?"

2-Go to the School

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Valka: "This may seem like an elementary idea, but sometimes the best plans are the simplest, direct plans. Let's give Cloudjumper a dose of dragon nip! Can you get me 16 bundles of dragon nip? You can grow them in your Farm or get them at the store."

3-Give 16 dragon nip to Valka at the School

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Valka: "Excellent! This seems like the finest of weeds.

Since you've done the hard work, I think it only fair that you get to see Cloudjumper be giddy for the first time in ages. Will you click on him? If you run the dragon nip right under his chin, he'll go crazy for it."

4-Click on Cloudjumper
[animation - Cloudjumper flies away]

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Valka: "Oh! I didn't expect that reaction. Perhaps he's gone so long without the dragon nip that his tolerance grew much lighter than it used to be. I remember when he used to need much more dragon nip to feel anything!

If I know Cloudjumper at all, this is his way of playing an elaborate version of tag. Will you find him and click on him? He won't have gone too far... I'm sure he's somewhere on the island. Check the Lookout, the Training Grounds, and the Wilderness!"

5-Find Cloudjumper in the Wilderness, Lookout, or Training Grounds.
[tip - Check the Gallery for the possible locations of Cloudjumper]

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Valka: "It is so wonderful to see my friend acting like a mere Tiny Tooth dragon once again! Thank you for your help, [Your Viking's name]. You've given me and Cloudjumper a moment of childish joy; it is a precious gift in these times."


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