Huh? Was I writing notes? Well, I have this piece of paper in my hand.
  — Clueless [src]  

Clueless is one of the three characters from the Book Franchise.


Clueless is essentially a Viking created with the Player's Viking Customization: lanky, thin Viking with blue eyes, brown hair, wearing a Battle Helm, Black Vested Tunic and Grey Pants, Cool Boots, Gray Runed Wristbands, Shoulder Pads and the Bar Warrior facial paint.

You can make an exact replica of him by buying or using the correct clothing and picking up the correct colors.


Clueless is well... clueless about what he is doing and what just happened, he was clueless as to if he even wrote notes before handing them to the Player[src]. He's also quite oblivious as he didn't understand that shoving chocolate in a warm pocket will eventually melt it[src], and not even the basis of botany and the three states of a matter he knows of, as he asks the player why did the player do with the ice block and why do plants need water[src].

In the GameEdit

Clueless only appears in a total of three Quests:

In History of the School, Clueless delivers the Player his notes for The Headmaster. He returns in Chocolate in a Bottle, where he gives you a chunk of chocolate for the experiment.

In Clueless Queries, Clueless asks the player three questions based on Dangerous Drought and you have to answer with the right one.


You can find him:

  • At The Lookout, right after crossing the entrance bridge, he's right at the first curve of the docks' pathway.
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