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Cogs is a minigame that comes from The Secret of Leviathan  expansion pack. It is found on the beach on Impossible Island or Dragon's Edge, inside one of the boats anchored there.

You can also buy access to this minigame + Incredible Machine minigame for 400 Gems icon trans, but it's advised to save and buy the Expansion instead. Completing both minigames, as explained below, will award 300 Gems icon trans (150 Gems icon trans each), buying the Bundle and complete them will result in a decreased gain of -50 Gems.

During the quests of the expansion, the player is already faced with some challenges that use the same game mechanics, but the minigame has a total of 40 levels that are independent from the puzzles done in the quests.

You have to succesfully complete one level to be able to play the next one.

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WARNING: Players that haven't purchased the expansion can still play the first 8 levels for free, from Mala's ships at Dragon's Edge, but after those you will be prompted to buy the minigame bundle.

In an unknown update, the Gem Reward was decreased from 200 Gems icon trans to 150 Gems icon trans.

How to play Edit

Cogs boat

The boat to access the game

Cogs panel

Click on the panel to access the game

The goal is to connect the green (start) cog to the golden Eruptodon cog (final). To do so, you are given some extra cogs that are shown in a bar at the bottom of the screen. They have different size, and it's not mandatory to use them all.

You need to connect all the golden cogs, but you can skip some of the normal grey/brown cogs that are arranged on the screen.

Just drag the cogs from the bar and arrange them in the main play area. Once done, click on the lever on the left to activate the cogs. If they are well arranged, they'll rotate correctly and the level is considered completed.

If there are 2 starting (green) cogs, you can use just one on them to connect with others. Pay attention to the direction of both cogs, usually just one will allow you to complete the level with the pieces given.

A red arrow show in which direction the green cog will rotate once activated. If other cogs have a red arrow on them, you need to be careful and arrange the cogs so that they will rotate following the arrow, once connected with others. Otherwise, the cogs will clog and you won't pass the level.

From level 33, some cogs can also have a lever on a side: it works like the red arrow, meaning that the cog can only rotate anticlockwise.

Tip: if 2 cogs rotate in the same direction, you need to connect them with an odd number of cogs; if they rotate in opposite directions, you have to connect them with an even number of cogs.


After succesfully completing a level, you are given a small reward of Gold icon trans Coins and Dragon Bonding XPDragon Bonding XP.

The star ranking given for each level depends on the number of moves and the time used to complete the level. The lower these values, the higher your ranking.

If you complete all levels with a 3-stars ranking, you'll receive 150 gems Gems icon trans.

Levels Edit

Levels 1-8 Edit

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Levels 33-40 Edit

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