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Valka: "Trust me. The story of [your Viking's name] and the Krayfin is far from over. You helped him when his need was the greatest, and I know your paths will cross again when the time is right. Bucket wanted to hear all your stories when you came back. Please talk to him and let him know what happened."

1- Thank Bucket for his help

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Bucket: "Wow! Impossible Island sounds amazing. I want to go there someday... but I don't think Whip and Lash would like that smell any better than [your dragon's name] did.

I've always wondered: what does it feel like at the bottom of the ocean? The fish don't seem to mind being in the dark. Did you feel close to your inner Tidal Class dragon? Maybe you could ask Mulch if I can go down there while you tell him what happened."

2- Thank Mulch for his help

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Mulch: "Bucket needs to stick up here on land and boat with me, where I can look after him. The wee dragon got what he wanted then, did he? Good. You did a great thing, lad/lassie. Big dragons need to reign over their own waters! He would have never found it without you.

You would have never made it through without the help of bumbling Skulder! He's back at the Lookout with Phlegma."

3- Talk to the Archaeologist at the Lookout

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Archaeologist: "[Your Viking's name], my good and dear friend! You wouldn't believe the commotion I heard shortly after you entered the ruins. It sounded like the world was crashing down.

I was worried for you, but Phlegma convinced me you were going to be just fine. And, just like everything else she says, she was right.

Phlegma came back to Impossible Island to check up on us. Goodness me - she flew all the way despite her gruesome injury to help us. She is exactly the stalwart Viking we need leading the School. Will you tell her what happened?"

4- Talk to the Botanist

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Phlegma: "I've been pondering about the force of will of the little Krayfin. He knew what he needed to find the dragon bloom, and his sense receptors let him track it over miles and miles of open ocean. How fascinating...."

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