My life was flashing before my eyes. There were a shocking amount of axes! Seems to me that I've been doing things right.
  — Dagur [src]  

Dagur has been introduced in SoD with the Expansion pack Rise of Stormheart.


Personality Edit

Dagur reveals to be a clever ally to the Dragon Riders, seeing an evil plan behind a supposedly random attack from a Triple Stryke [src] [src]

But, as a Berserker, he likes action before all, and believes that attack is the best defense. [src] He feels excited to go on dangerous missions, and is always ready to fight. [src]

With his experience on the "evil side" he can foresee the enemy's moves. [src]

Locations Edit

In the game Edit

Dagur's love to fight is only equal to Astrid's, so both characters are often featured in quests that deals with Dragon Tactics, like That Time of Year, Part II.

Rise of Stormheart Edit

Dagur appears in the very first quest of the expansion, Rumble in the Edge, helping the player with a wild Triple Stryke. He understand that the attack is part of a bigger plan (What's Going On?), and that the Triple Stryke didn't act naturally, so he suggest to investigate the cause of her behavior (Grimora?).

He then helps the player investigate in Auction Island, and recover a supposedly stolen boat in Johann's Secret Mission, helps again in the battle against wild dragons in Prepare For the Worst and in the attack to Stormheart's ship in Taking the Offensive. In this quest too, the player will save him from the wild Triple Stryke.

Wrath of Stormheart Edit

As this expansion is set after the facts of Season 6 of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Dagur and Mala are now married in game.

Dagur and Mala are trapped inside Stormheart's ship in Dagur in Distress, and require of the player's help to break free. He then confirms support from the Berserkers against Stormheart in The Scourge of Stormheart.

He holds a grudge against Stormheart, and he's ready to attack her when the Riders discover she took Auction Island (The New Auction Island), but Hiccup prefer to retreat.

The Hidden World Edit

Dagur and Mala appear only in the quest The Problem With Warlords, where they are fighting against the warlords at Impossible Island.

Relationships Edit

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Edit

Dagur refers to Hiccup as "my brother" and says that "drama clings to Hiccup ike a fashionable cloak" [src], but also thinks he's naive [src]

Heather Edit

Dagur's appearance in SoD is due to his desire to visit her sister [src]. And he says he loves his "weird little sister", referring to her interest as chemist [src]. It seems that Heather has some influence on his brother, so that he promises her to behave when going on dangerous missions with the player [src].

Snotlout Jorgenson Edit

Dagur calls Snotlout Snotfoot [src], as a continuation of the joke seen in the episode Something Rotten on Berserker Island, of Dragons season 5.

His Dragons Edit

While Shattermaster is only mentioned [src], Sleuther is seen in game. Dagur states that he's ready to use his axe against anyone that hurts his dragon [src]. He's also happy to teach Slether "new tricks" like how to rig a ship, thinking any kind of experience can be useful. [src]


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