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Astrid: "Arg! [Your Viking's Name]! Did you hear about this neat idea for racing? We thought about adding a bit of flair into the race by placing sheep into the course! The twins just had to let all the sheep loose! Can you help me find them? Go up near Flight Club to spot the missing sheep."

1- Walk near Flight Club to look for sheep

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Astrid: "Hmm... Where could they be?

Oh! There they are! Why don't you gather them up for me?"

2- Find all the sheep at the Training Grounds

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Astrid: "Four down, sixteen more to go! I'll gather them here by the Thunder Run Racing as you find them.

I bet Ruffnut and Tuffnut let some loose at the school, too. Can you search for them?"

3- Find 4 racing sheep at the school

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Astrid: "Great job!

Let's search at the top of the school caldera. Find 4 more sheep at the Lookout!"

4- Find 4 sheep at the Lookout

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Astrid: "Wow, you have some eagle eyes!

I bet Ruffnut would have wanted to 'return the sheep to the wild'. Let's check the Wilderness for 4 more sheep."

5- Find 4 sheep at the Wilderness

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Astrid: "I have to admit it. You're pretty amazing.

They wouldn't have taken the sheep all the way to Berk, would they? Let's check Berk for 4 more sheep."

6- Find 4 sheep at Berk

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Astrid: "That's all of them. Come back to me!"

7- Come back to Astrid at the Training Grounds

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Astrid: "I feel like you should reap the benefits of all your hard work. Get into the Thunder Run Racing and keep an eye for the racing sheep! You can pick them up for a short burst of speed."

8- Race in Thunder Run Racing

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Astrid: "Thank you so much for helping me out, [Your Viking's Name]. I hope you enjoy the new races! I'll give you some sheep as a reward. Open your inventory, tap on the sheep and claim them for your farm!"

Note: The racing sheep you receive can be placed in your farm and they give 2 spools of wool each for feed. They will firstly be put in your inventory, click on the racing sheep icon, and then you will have them available to be placed in a pen in your farm. Click on a sheep pen with at least 2 empty spots, and you will see a icon for a black and a white racing sheep.

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