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The Deadly Nadder is a Tracker Class Dragon released with the SoD's release and is one of the seven breeds available to choose at the beginning of the game. It can also be purchased from the store for 250 gems (200 gems for members).


From the School of Dragons Game Guide:

"According to the Journal of Dragons, the Deadly Nadder is classified in the Tracker Class. This dragon’s beauty and brutality can be seen in its natural armor of piercing poisonous spines. A Deadly Nadder’s key strength is its ability to 'spine shoot.' Spine shooting allows the Nadder to shoot hundreds of poisonous needles from his tail at once.
"The Deadly Nadder’s bright blue and yellow coloring give a majestic beauty, all coated in deadly venomous spines to give its lethalness. The Deadly Nadders are very high in firepower, their scales strength (creating a tough armor) and venom."

For more information on the Deadly Nadder, click here.

In Quests Edit

Return to Dragon Island Edit

In Fire It Up!, an experiment with the spectrometer reveals that the Deadly Nadder fire is made out of magnesium, that burns at a very high temperature. Also, water doesn't extinguish magnesium fires.

In Following Harald's Trail, a fossil that seems to belong to a Deadly Nadder is shown.


  • 7/25/13, version 1.03: Black Deadly Nadder eyelids fixed.
  • 8/8/13, version 2.0: Fixed issue of player 'bouncing' back and forth on the Nadder when mounted. Deadly Nadder flying animations updated.
  • 10/10/13, version 5.0: Problems causing some baby Nadders to be un-customizable fixed.
  • The Titanwing stage was introduced on April 20th, 2016.


  • For unknown reasons, when using the Nadder War Paint, it slightly brights the model. The same happens to the Gronckle, the Hideous Zippleback and the Skrill.
  • In an unknown update, date and version, an exclusive Deadly Nadder skin named "Crystal Nadder Skin" was added to the store for 150 Gems, however, a few hours later, it was immediately removed from it. It's unknown if it will come back and the reason why there was a Crystal Nadder skin;
    • Some people were able to buy it but, it didn't appeard in their inventory (and, 150 Gems are taken from their currency), while others were able to buy it at the right moment so that it stayed on the inventory. However, people that have the skin can't remove it due, somewhat, not being inside their inventory despite the fact they bought it.
    • Admins have said that issue has been fixed[1] even though there are still people with the same not-fixed issue of having 150 Gems gone and not recieving the skin and, the issue of having the skin on the dragon but, not having it on their inventory;
    • This is known as one of the most mysterious skins in School of Dragons, due its immediate disappearance, unknown reason to be there and, unknown if it's going to come back or not (despite all the requests);
      • The skin became once avaliable in a bundle called "Yes, it is real!" but, it was suddenly removed.
  • The Deadly Nadder is the first dragon to have a crystal based skin, the second is the Sand Wraith.


Level Attack Power Fire Power Healing Power Health
1 5 9 5 138
2 10 18 9 176
3 15 27 14 214
4 20 36 18 252
5 25 46 23 290
6 30 55 27 328
7 35 64 32 366
8 40 73 36 404
9 45 82 41 442
10 50 91 45 480
11 55 100 50 518
12 60 109 54 556
13 65 118 59 594
14 70 127 63 632
15 75 137 68 670
16 80 146 72 708
17 85 155 77 746
18 90 164 81 784
19 95 173 86 822
20 100 182 90 860
21 105 191 95 898
22 110 200 99 936
23 115 209 104 974
24 120 218 108 1012
25 125 228 113 1050
26 130 237 117 1088
27 135 246 122 1126
28 140 255 126 1164
29 145 264 131 1202
30 150 273 135 1240
31 155 282 140 1278
32 160 291 144 1316
33 165 300 149 1354
34 170 309 153 1392
35 175 319 158 1430
36 180 328 162 1468
37 185 337 167 1506
38 190 346 171 1544
39 195 355 176 1582
40 200 364 180 1620
41 205 373 185 1658
42 210 382 189 1696
43 215 391 194 1734
44 220 400 198 1772
45 225 410 203 1810
46 230 419 207 1848
47 235 428 212 1886
48 240 437 216 1924
49 245 446 221 1962
50 250 455 225 2000

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