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Dagur: "Hey! You have a good relationship with the Defenders of the Wing, right? I just spotted one of their ships sailing into Dragon's Edge. Can you talk to Mala and see why she's here? Let's face it: I'd make any diplomatic situation worse! Much worse. "

1- Talk to Mala at Dragon's Edge

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Mala: "It is good to see you again, [your Viking's name]. Once again: thank you for the help with the Winged Spear. It rests now in a place of honor nar my throne and is a constant reminder of the strong ties between our people.

I came to learn more about my allies! I have visited Hiccup on Dragon's Edge many times, but it occurs to me that I never been to the heartland of dragon training. Will you please indulge my curiosity and help me navigate to the School of Dragons? Step onto my ship when you are ready."

2- Step onto Mala's ship

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Mala: "This caldera is breathtaking. The rising cliffs, the sound of dragons, and the rumbling of your inventions... I have never been anywhere like this!

Now that I am here I am eager to soak in the sights, but I do not know the way. Could you please click on me and lead me to one of your teachers or your Headmaster? I understand that Heather is the expert on science for the school and I would be ecstatic to see her office."

3- Click on Mala and lead her to Heather

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Heather: "Mala! What a wonderful surprise. Would you like to see all the inventions I'm working on?"

4- Go to the Training Grounds

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Mala: "'The Training Grounds...' what an apt name. On our island, we have an obstacle course for warriors where they can hone their abilities in a controlled environment. Do you have a place like that here? Click on me and lead me there, please."

5- Click on Mala and lead her to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Mala! I didn't expect to see you here. Come to check out my skills with Fireball Frenzy? Hookfang and I really light up the place, if you want to watch..."

6- Complete Fireball Frenzy

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Mala: "Fascinating. I'm impressed with your skills, [your Viking's name], and very impressed with Fireball Frenzy. It seems much more complicated than the setup we have on Defender of the Wing Island (and tests different skills, of course, since we have little need to train our warriors to shoot firballs.

Thank you for showing me around your School and introducing me to your Headmaster. His proposal is very interesting, and I hope to send some of my Defenders here. Perhaps you can help them ease in to your culture!

Well, that will have to wait. There was one more thing I wished to accomplish on my trip. Will you meet me at Impossible Island?"

7- Go to Impossible Island

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Mala: "We have been returning to Impossible Island ever since you and I unlocked its secrets. It's still too dangerous to use as a training course, but it feels empowering to be in our ancient lands. isn't it a glorious sight? Please, join me at the edge of the cenote. "

8- Approach the edge of the cenote

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Mala: "It's amazing how large the leviathan has become! I've never seen a dragon grow at such a rapid pace, ven our Great Protector. He seems to remember me; he is always happy to see me here.

One day, he will be big enough to protect himself and help us as our ally. Until then, it is your duty and mine to make sure it is safe here in its haven. I have no doubt that we can do it together, [your Viking's name]."

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