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Devilish Dervish is still incomplete. Please remove the checklist upon completing all the tasks.


  1. Make sure to add the Infobox and the Tabbers template with the respective Sections (Main Page, Combat Stats, Color Guide and Gallery).
    • If the Dragon has Skins, add the Skins Section.
  2. Add all required categories to article:
    • Dragons
      • If the Dragon comes from another game, add [Game Name] Dragons
      • If the Dragon comes from the Books or TV Series, add Book Dragons or TV Series Dragons
      • If the Dragon is a original creation from SoD, add Original Dragons
      • If it has a Variant, add Dragons with Variant
      • If it's a Hybrid, add Hybrid Dragons
    • [Respective Class Name] Class
    • Respective Dragon Gallery Module
    • The categories that correspond to the two skills the Dragon has
    • If the Dragon is trainable, add Trainable dragon, if not, add Non-Trainable Dragons
    • If the Dragon can be used in Dragon Tactics, add Combat Dragon
  3. The Infobox must be from an Announcement Ad, if there isn't any of said Dragon, a replacement will be done by the Admins.
    • If the Dragon has a special Skin or/and a Titan, add the Titan/Skin picture also from the Announcement Ad to the Infobox by using a Gallery template in the Image section.
  4. Fill the Infobox with the respective information and Stats, if the Dragon is unavailable for training, add "N/A" to the Stats section.
  5. The Sypnosis must include the Dragon Name, Class, Release Date, Store Price and, if it has a Titan Stage, add the Titan Release.
  6. The Description must include a sheet of their description from the How To Train Your Dragon wiki or if the Announcement Ad includes any, the description SoD gave to the Dragon upon release.
    • If the Dragon has a Variant Sub-species, a Comparison between both Variants should be written;
    • If the Dragon was met with controversy, write an unbiased and sourcered description of the context of the controversy before, during and after it erupted. A Reference section is required as it's where all the sources' links will be placed;
  7. If the Dragon has appeared in any Quest, add an "In Quest" Section with the corresponding Quest and if from an Expansion/Event, the corresponding Expansion/Event and describe the context of the Dragon's purpose in it.
  8. Trivia, History and Glitches are technically optional but can be added if the Dragon presents Facts regarding other factors (like being able to eat Eels), updates of the Model and Animation, or glitches with the model respectively.


  1. Upload all required files according to How to Contribute/Dragon pages standards:
    • Hatching (Before Hatching, Default Colors, After Hatching);
    • Baby (Stand, Idle, Sit, Sit Idle, Sleep 1 and Sleep 2);
    • Adult (Stand, Idle, Sit, Sit Idle, Sleep 1, Sleep 2, Swim 1, Swim 2, Fire 1, Fire Speed, Detail Pictures, Hover, Fly, Glide and Brake)
  2. If the Dragon has a Titan, gather the same pictures as the Adult along with a Comparison Pictures.
  3. For the Bioluminiscent Patterns, make sure to follow the Image Standards of said section;
  4. If the Dragons have Skins, make sure to follow both the Image Standards and the Dragon Skins Standards.
  5. If there are other instances of the Dragon Specie in Quests, Expansions, ect. You should gather some pictures of said wild Dragon/s.
Notes: Gallery needs redo.


  1. Add all Racing stats: Max. Speed, Pitch Rate, Turn Rate and Acceleration.
  2. Add all Battle stats:
    • Visible stats:
      • Firepower
      • Shot Limit
      • Base Damage
      • Max. Health (Lvl. 50)
    • Hidden Stats (Exclusively done by Admins):
      • Fire Range
      • Critical Hit Chance
      • Cooldown
      • Recharge
  3. Add all Combat stats: Attackpower, Firepower, Movement, Critical Change, Healpower, Defense/Dodge and Health
    • Add the Combat Table to the Combat Stats sections and fill it from Level 1 to Level 50.

Additional Information

  1. Add the Dragon to the relevant Stable Missions according to its Stats, mainly Skill and Class;
  2. Add the Dragon to Stable Missions/Skill by Dragon list;
  3. Add the Dragon to Stat Comparison list, which each stat in the respective Tabview Page (Average calculation is done by the Admins);
  4. Add the Dragon to Dragon Tactics/Actions list;
  5. Add the Dragon to Dragonbox and to TDragonbox if it has a Titan;
  6. Add the Dragon to Chronological Dragon Release List;
Notes: Currently unavailable for DT.

The Devilish Dervish is a Sharp Class dragon released on. They can be purchased for 5,500 coins (4,400 coins for members) from the store.

On November 21st, 2016, v2.4.0, the Devilish Dervish's price changed to 625 Gems. On April 13th, 2020, the Devilish Dervish received a price adjustment and was reduced to 500 Gems (400 for members).


From the How to Train your Dragon wikia:

"Have you started noticing trees slashed down and forests in array? Be wary because this signals the arrival of the one and only… Devilish Dervish! Hiccup and Toothless spotted one of these deadly creatures when they stumbled upon a path of torn down trees. The Dragon had laid an abundance of eggs, of which they were lucky enough to bring to campus."
"It was quite the risk on their part, but Hiccup knew his Viking friends were ready to take their dragon training skills to new heights. And that is why he and a trusty troupe of explorers where able to bring some back for you to hatch! You will find that this dragon has a tail that resembles a scythe; the sharp blade allows it to tear down anything in its path, so watch out! Due to its wild nature, these Devilish Dervish dragons are considered by many in the dragon world as being extremely hard to train and control. Hiccup was even overheard saying that he thought that only the most elite level ultimate of dragon trainers would be able to take on this unruly dragon."

For more information on the Devilish Dervish, visit here.


  • Prior to the v2.4.0 November Update, the Devilish Dervish was the first dragon that could be bought exclusively for coins;
  • Devilish Dervish is the second and one of the four book dragons to appear in School of Dragons, the others are the Prickleboggle, the Windwalker and the Silver Phantom respectively.

Level Attack Power Fire Power Healing Power Health
1 7 9 8 143
2 14 19 16 186
3 21 28 24 229
4 28 38 32 272
5 35 47 40 315
6 42 56 48 358
7 49 66 56 401
8 56 75 64 444
9 63 85 72 487
10 70 94 80 530
11 77 103 88 573
12 84 113 96 616
13 91 122 104 659
14 98 132 112 702
15 105 141 120 745
16 112 150 128 788
17 119 160 136 831
18 126 169 144 874
19 133 179 152 917
20 140 188 160 960
21 147 197 168 1003
22 154 207 176 1046
23 161 216 184 1089
24 168 226 192 1132
25 175 235 200 1175
26 182 244 208 1218
27 189 254 216 1261
28 196 263 224 1304
29 203 273 232 1347
30 210 282 240 1390
31 217 291 248 1433
32 224 301 256 1476
33 231 310 264 1519
34 238 320 272 1562
35 245 329 280 1605
36 252 338 288 1648
37 259 348 296 1691
38 266 357 304 1734
39 273 367 312 1777
40 280 376 320 1820
41 287 385 328 1863
42 294 395 336 1906
43 301 404 344 1949
44 308 414 352 1992
45 315 423 360 2035
46 322 432 368 2078
47 329 442 376 2121
48 336 451 384 2164
49 343 461 392 2207
50 350 470 400 2250

Hatchling and AdulthoodEdit

The hidden world icon Bioluminescent PatternsEdit

Racing StripesEdit

Boulder class Boulder Boulder class
Catastrophic Quaken icon
Catastrophic Quaken
Crimson Goregutter icon
Crimson Goregutter
Eruptodon icon
Grapple Grounder icon
Grapple Grounder
Groncicle icon
Gronckle icon
Hotburple icon
Screaming Death icon
Screaming Death
Sentinel icon
Elder Sentinel icon
Elder Sentinel
Shovelhelm icon
Snafflefang icon
Thunderpede icon
Whispering Death icon
Whispering Death
Mystery class Mystery Mystery class
Armor Wing icon
Armor Wing
Boneknapper icon
Buffalord icon
Changewing icon
Death Song icon
Death Song
Dramillion icon
Dreadstrider icon
Flightmare icon
Hideous Zippleback icon
Hideous Zippleback
Hobgobbler icon
Smitten Hobgobbler icon
Smitten Hobgobbler
Slithersong icon
Smothering Smokebreath icon
Smothering Smokebreath
Snaptrapper icon
Sweet Death icon
Sweet Death
Sharp class Sharp Sharp class
Devilish Dervish icon
Devilish Dervish
Grim Gnasher icon
Grim Gnasher
Prickleboggle icon
Raincutter icon
Razorwhip icon
Scuttleclaw icon
Shivertooth icon
Speed Stinger icon
Speed Stinger
Stormcutter icon
Timberjack icon
Stoker class Stoker Stoker class
Fireworm Queen icon
Fireworm Queen
Flame Whipper icon
Flame Whipper
Green Death icon
Green Death
Hobblegrunt icon
Moldruffle icon
Monstrous Nightmare icon
Monstrous Nightmare
Night Terror icon
Night Terror
Fire Terror icon
Fire Terror
Silver Phantom icon
Silver Phantom
Singetail icon
Terrible Terror icon
Terrible Terror
Typhoomerang icon
Strike class Strike Strike class
Deathgripper icon
Light Fury icon
Light Fury
Night Fury icon
Night Fury
Night Light icon
Night Light
Skrill icon
Skrillknapper icon
Snow Wraith icon
Snow Wraith
Triple Stryke icon
Triple Stryke
Woolly Howl icon
Woolly Howl
Night Lights: Dart icon
Ruffrunner icon
Pouncer icon
Tidal class Tidal Tidal class
Luminous Krayfin icon
Luminous Krayfin
Sand Wraith icon
Sand Wraith
Scauldron icon
Seashocker icon
Shockjaw icon
Sliquifier icon
Thunderdrum icon
Tide Glider icon
Tide Glider
Windwalker icon
Tracker class Tracker Tracker class
Deadly Nadder icon
Deadly Nadder
Mudraker icon
Rumblehorn icon
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