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Hiccup: "Snotlout filled me in when he came back from the battle. You did a great job, [your Viking's name] - you really did. We'll get another chance to free Cloudjumper soon enough, I promise. After all, we only had a prototype to see if it would work. We tried it out in the field, and now we have more information about how it performs.

It wasn't a total bust, though! If you head on over to the stables, You might see an interesting surprise."

1-Go to the stables

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "Hey there, big guy... Fishmeat and I aren't going to hurt you. Let us come a little closer and help you clean your wounds.
[Your Viking's name]! You can help me!"

2-Talk to Fishlegs

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Fishlegs: "Your Grimmel poison antidote was a success! I think. I assume you hit this guy with your antidote? This Deathgripper landed here a little bit ago, disoriented. He won't let anyone get close to him. So, not great.

He's not attacking us so that's definitely an improvement.

Maybe he'll let you approach him. Thor knows that he won't get comfortable with anyone else!"

3-Click on the Deathgripper

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "You did it! Yes, you did it!

We just need to change your antidote to work a little faster, I think. We got lucky that this dragon landed here in his confusion, rather than anywhere else.

It's not uncommon for early prototypes to fail. We can make progress because we ask questions, test objects, make observations, and gather the information that will lead to success. This process that we're doing right now - testing the antidote on another dragon, then seeing the results- will lead to us creating the best antidote we can.

I'll tell Heather as soon as I feed this big guy and brush him down. Can you tell Astrid? She hasn't taken losing to Grimmel very well."

4-Talk to Astrid

Astrid icon

Astrid: "I'm glad we managed to salvage something from that disaster. I wish that we could have rescued Cloudjumper, or stopped Grimmel, or... I don't know. I hate knowing that we faced them again in open battle and couldn't beat them. How can we protect all dragons if we can't beat our foes?

I'm wallowing, aren't I ? Sorry. It's not a good look. Don't worry; I'll shake this off and be ready to face Grimmel the next time. We'll beat him together, you and me.

Speaking of shaking it off... Snotlout has been thinking for hours now and that can't be a great sign. Can you check up on him and make sure he doesn't have some ridiculous plan in mind?"

5-Talk to Snotlout

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "I walked past Astrid just a few minutes ago and she seemed to be deep in thought. I am, too. I have the most important matters being solved in my head.

I have a great plan for my home here at New Berk. You've been to my masterpiece at Dragon's Edge, right? Well, how do you really improve on genius? I'll be reconstructing that here and somehow making it even sturdier, flashier, and just better than the original.

Yeah, good old Snotlout will be ready to flourish here in New Berk. All we have to do is defeat the bad guys, save the dragons, be the heroes, yada yada. I'm ready. Hookfang and I are looking forward to our... re-rematch with Grimmel!

You don't have to worry about me. You should have your eyes on Ruffnut and her nutty brother. Who knows if she's ready for the fight?"

6-Talk to Ruffnut

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Ruffnut: "Ha! Snotlout said that? What a goof. Of course he'd try to throw blame in our direction instead.

While Snotlout has been lazing about his future mansion, Tuffnut and I have been diligently researching how to best improve on your antidote.

(What? We have layers, just like... delicious pies.) If you talk to Tuffnut, he'll be able to tell you more."

7-Talk to Tuffnut

Tuffnut icon

Tuffnut: "Listen here, bub. There's clearly something wrong with your antidote since it didn't take effect immediately on the battlefield. We can't have that, if we want this to be useful against Grimmel. It is our duty - nay, it is our destiny! - to figure out how this works.

So. From our calculations, the solution is to improve the speed in which the antidote takes effect. We let Mulch know that was the problem. I hope he's had enough time to figure it out! Can you ask him?"

8-Talk to Mulch

Mulch icon

Mulch: "The twins are right! I didn't think I'd be saying that in my lifetime.

Gobber and Heather were on the same wavelength as the twins. I hope they've been able to make progress! They're at the center of the town if you want to follow up on them. "

9-Talk to Gobber

Gobber icon

Gobber: "Aye! Heather and I think we've figured it out. The best lesson is one learned in the field, don't you agree? I think the next time around, we'll have a much better time rescuing those dragons."


Part of Snotlout's dialogue will show Ruffnut's name and icon.

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