Dragon hunter ship 5 (2)

Steal back what was stolen.
Sneak into the dragon trader's ship."

The Dragon Hunter ship is a quest-only location found in the expansion Return to Dragon Island. You can't access it again after finishing the quest Saving Skulder.

Similar to Auction Island, you can't access it with your dragon.

In the quest is called Dragon Trader's ship.

Description Edit

Outside appareance Edit

The Dragon Trader's ship is a wide wooden ship, larger and less armed than the usual Dragon Hunters ships we see in game (see the Dragon Hunters page for examples), but it shows the Dragon Hunter's symbol on the sail. It doesn't have weapons and dragon cages on the deck, but its size suggest it has plenty of storage space in the inside.

It has a single mast. The prow is reinforced with iron and armed with spikes. Here is also where you find the hatch that is the access for the internal part. The stern has two wooden structures, one of which is broken, reinforced with iron rings and spikes.

Entrance Edit

After clicking the ship prow's, you are teleported to the ship entrance. This is also the point you will be teleported to, if you get caught by the dragon hunter during the quest. You see the access door in front of you, and if you turn back, you see some stairs that goes up to the hatch from where you entered. You can't go out from here though, you need to cross the hunter's ship and go out through a door there.

First Room Edit

After crossing the access room, you find the first room. It is guarded by a fixed hunter, so you can't cross it directly. The room has two corridors at the side, you can take any of them to reach the second room. There's a Dragon Hunter walking in circle in every corridor, so you need to take care to not cross them.

Here and in all the rooms, there are small cell-like rooms, some of which are open. The fossils are kept in such small rooms.

Curiously, standing on the crates at the center of the room will make you respawn only when the right corridor Dragon hunter pass near you, not the left one.

Second Room Edit

The second room has 2 entrances, that corresponds with the ends of the lateral corridors of room 1. It has only one exit though, that is across the room on the right. Some crates create a separation in the middle of the room. The left part is guarded by a standing hunter, so you can't cross there. The right part has a walking hunter, that comes back and forth from the third room, so plan your movements.

On the right part of the room there's a dark zone, with crates, where you can hide while waiting the right moment to cross to the third room.

The first fossil is in this room, in a cell right next to the right entrance.

Third Room Edit

The third room is connected to the fourth room in 2 points: a door, you see in front when entering this room, and by a corridor on your left. Dragon Hunters walk in circle from the door the the alley, so it's easier for you to advance following the hunters to the left.

When you turn to the left, there will be some crates that create a barrier. The hunters walk on the left of this barrier. Go ahead, and you will find an elbow bend, that carries you to the corridor. In the bend, there are 2 cells, one of which hides the second fossil. At the end of the corridor you will find another cell with the third fossil, and nearly in front of it, the door to the fourth room.

Fourth Room Edit

The fourth room is guarded by a standing Dragon Hunter in the center; the walking Dragon Hunter from room 3 will walk on the right side of the room, to the door to that room; another Dragon Hunter will walk back and forth on a dead-end corridor on the left.

On the left wall from when you enter, you will find the exit door. Click on it to go out of the ship. If you click on it before you retrieve the 4 fossils, you will be able to come back in from the hatch, but you'll have to cross all the ship again.

The cell that stores the last fossil is in the dead-end corridor on the left, close to the exit door. Both are guarded by the walking Dragon Hunter, so time your move accordingly.

In-Game details Edit

Ways of access Edit

It can only be accessed by clicking on the Ship's hatch at Auction Island in the quest Saving Skulder.

Characters present in this location Edit

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