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The Dragon Island

Dragon Island is one of the four locations of Return to Dragon Island, which can be accessed via membership or buying it for 1,250 Gems icon trans.


Dragon Island is locked until the mission Dragon Island is done. Dragon Island is a gigantic, volcanic and mountainous Island. It's filled with numerous molted rocks/magma, large sea stack surrounding the main land, four cave entrances to the inside of the volcano, and the enormous fossil of Red Death.

Being a volcanic island, there's no fishing spots.

The player can enter in the caves and be inside the volcano, however, there's a mission-exclusive zone where the player could see the Green Death's nest. If the player visits all the caves, there will be a certain cave that is supposed to lead to the Green Death's nest, instead, it has a teleporter blocking the way.

However, by using a glitch, the player can enter inside the Green Death's nest - the Green Death's nest is a wide, open space filled with beehive-esque rocks, stalagmites, stalactites, tunnels surrounding the place with small openings and, down below, is a large pool of lava with a large stack in the center.

It's there that the player finds the Luminous Krayfin egg in the Mission Start! quest.

Half way through the quest Mission Start!, the player will be told to fly towards the Green Death (which is way up above), half way through, the sky will be very foggy and hard to see and, it's where the "climax" will happen. Unlike the Green Death's nest and Gothi's House, this isn't mission-exclusive so, the player can go to the foggy sky at anytime that the player desires.

Di 10

The climatic zone

In-Game detailsEdit

Ways to AccessEdit

  • Traveling via World Map
  • Entering Helheim's Gate's Dragon Island teleporter

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  • There is a way to enter Green Death's nest by entering the main entrance, and on the first "opening", fly and tightly hug the left corner, keep flying to the left and maybe a little to the right, and you will start clipping through some layers of invisible walls but, continue with tightly hugging the corner and you will be able to clip to outside of the map or go inside the nest;
    • Inside the nest, there's an invisible wall to the lower section but, that can be accessed by going outside the map and fly all the way to the lower section, clip through the wall and enter in it;


Holes that lead to the inside of GD's NestEdit

Island itselfEdit

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