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Dragon tactics is a minigame that was introduced with the Rise of Stormheart expansion pack. It is found in the Dragon's Edge behind the dome. Originally, there were a total of 4 levels, that were unlocked during the progress in the expansion.

Additional four levels were introduced as part of Snoggletog's quests in December 2017. The levels are unlocked with That Time of Year, Pt I and subsequent quests. Event-related levels then became the norm, but hese levels are time limited and can only be played while the event is running.

New levels were then introduced in the expansion pack Wrath of Stormheart, The Hidden World and Curse of the Hobgobbler.

In v2.13.0, 10th of August, 2018, Dragon Tactics received a massive update that introduces 4 Training Course levels and 8 Icestorm Island levels as well as alows you to play with your dragons, that is if their species was one of the 29 dragon species allowed to be played with.

In 18th of December, 2018, the once removed five dragons (Changewing, Prickleboggle, Scuttleclaw, Sliquifier and Tide Glider) that were once available have been readded. As for now, there is currently 53 dragons available for Dragon Tactics.

Additional 12 levels were introduced with the game anniversary on July 2020 (v3.10): 4 additional levels for the Training Course, and a new set of 8 levels under the theme The Arena.

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  • Stat Comparison: overview of Dragons' combat stats. Check them in detail on each dragon's page
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