Map portal icon This page is about the Comparison list of the Dragons' Actions. You may be looking for the Comparison list of the Dragons' Combat Stats.

Every Team member has 4 different Actions that can be performed each turn and each Action include a tin or a background of one of the four colors (Red, Orange, Yellow and Green). Those Actions under said color code can fall into the following code:

Color Code Stands for... Description Example
Offensive/Attack Red color coded Actions inflict offensive damage to an opponent, they involve both the usage of Attackpower for physical Close to Mid ranged Actions, and Firepower for breath-based Mid to Long ranged Actions.
Dt bone tail
Dt heavy blast
Stat Boost Yellow color coded Actions boost one's stats and/or an ally's stats, when under a boost, a green arrow with how long will the boost stay for x turns in the small menu by the side of their icons will appear. The stat can be anything from Attackpower to increase of Movement range.
Dt camouflage lightf
DT rallying cry
Defensive/Defense Orange color coded Actions boost their defensive stats, in this case, it increases their chance to dodge an attack and resistance towards an attack.
DT defend
Dt armor
Health Boost/Healing Green color coded Actions increase one's Health and/or an ally's Health, the Actions can range from a mass Health boost to a sole self/ally with some Actinos including a 3-turn Health boost or a multi-target Health boost that health 3 allies at once.
DT cure
DT recover

Defense Edit

ALL team member's fourth Action, be it your Viking, dragons or NPC, is the Defense one.

Icon Name Owned by Target Turns to reload Effect
DT defend
Defend all Self Only 1 DT increase defense Boost dodge by 75% for 1 turn


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