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Eel Roast Icon

Eel Roast is a special Minigame that can only be accessed by clicking on your dragon. It was added in v5.4, 20th of November, 2013. This serves as a quick way to level up dragons (any stages can be used to play this) and to gain some extra coins.

In v2.14.0, September 27th, 2018, the rewards have been nerfed, making it harder for players to level up their dragons.


Main TaskEdit

Eel raost first encounter

The Instruction Box that appears when you enter in Eel Roast

You play as your active dragon, who will be sitting on a rock in the middle of a river with a few plateaus, rocky mountains and a waterfall in the background.

You control the target-reticle with your mouse and the main objective is to shoot the correct colored eels according to the target color. The Dragon's HUD bar will be on the top left corner and, on the opposite side, the box with the current task will be there along with the counter telling you how many you need to beat the stage. This game costs 5 Energy Points, however; they will quickly regenerate throughout the game.

Eel raost ready

The 3 HUDs

Eroast 5

A happy Shockjaw breathing fire

After beating a level, the dragon will happily breathe fire for a few seconds and then return to its standing position.

Due to the game being programmed to be endless, there's no exact end or limit whatsoever. Players can go from Level 100 up to Level 250 or higher, which requires a lot of patience and experience.


Eroast 1

Various eels on the screen

In order to complete each level, the player needs to shoot 10 (12 in Level 4 and 15 from Level 5 and on) of the target colored eels which will jump out of the water and slowly fall back into it.

The speed and frequency at which eels leave the water are increasing as the player progresses into higher levels, making it harder to hit them.

At level 1 each target eel rewards +10 Points, hitting the wrong eel however removes the same amount of points. The rewarded points also increase depending on the level.

If the player manages to complete the level with 100% accuracy (that is, only hitting the Target Eels and the Bonus Eels (optional)), you will be rewarded with a Bonus Round and 100 additional Points.

Bonus LevelEdit

Eroast 2

The Bonus Level screen

Eroast 10

Various Bonus Eels on the screen

A Bonus Round is a special round where white-colored eels with colorful sparkles will jump from the water and grant the player some extra points, along with increasing the dragon's happiness.

Just like the target eels, bonus eels also reward more points along with becoming faster and more frequent as the level increases.

Eroast 3

The Introduction of the Bonus Eels along with the Trivia Eel

Bonus Eels are introduced on Level 2 and they function just like the Bonus Eels in the Bonus Level however, they appear at random and quite scarce. Just like the eels from the Bonus Round, they serve to both add points and give Happiness points.

There's one nearby every completion screen which used to give Trivia about Eels.

Level box 3

The Introduction of the Electric Eels

At Level 7, brown-colored Eels with lightning effects on them will appear. These serve as a power-up as they roast any eels on the screen when shot.

All eels roasted by an electric eel, including eels that are not in the target color, reward more points than manually roasting them would.

Eroast 9

An Eletric Eel in the midle of colored eels

While the electric eels themselves do not decrease the counter, all target eels that are roasted by them do.


Level box 1

The Introduction of the Waves

Eroast 6

A Shockjaw jumping over a Wave

Waves are introduced on Level 3 and, it's the first obstacle that the player encounters.

At random events, the water gains strong currents (as a warning about an incoming wave) and then, a large wave comes in. The player has to press Space Bar at the right moment because, if the player jumps either too soon or too late, the wave will hit the dragon and cost a life.

Waves will also halt your progress because, when jumping, you are unable to shoot for a short period of time, only when the dragon reaches the ground, you will be able to shoot again.

Level box 2

The Introduction of the Terrible Terror

Eroast 7

A Shockjaw ducking from the Terror's Fire

Added in 13rd of February 2014, at Level 4, the Terrible Terrors are introduced as the second obstacle.

At random events, a Terrible Terror will be seen flying in the background, from left to right (implying an incoming Terrible Terror is about to appear); when the shadow of the Terrible Terror appears on the water, prepare to press Alt to crouch, because the Terrible Terror will fly across the screen from right to left while breathing fire. If you didn't crouch at the right time, you will lose one life.

Eroast 8

A camouflaged Terrible Terror in the background

This can be quite challenging to deal with because, the higher the level is, the more concentration is needed and, due to the Terrible Terror's color, he can easily get lost in the background. Not only that, but the number of eels appearing on the screen can also distract the player from seeing the Terrible Terror's shadow.

Game Over ScreenEdit

Eroast 4

The Game Over screen

Whenever the player exits from a level or loses all lives, the game over screen shows your reward along with:

  • The number of Levels completed;
  • The number of Perfect Levels (level with 100% accuracy);
  • The total score;
  • The number of total Eels roasted;
  • The number of Bonus Eels roasted;
  • Accuracy (the percentage of your accuracy across all the levels);


Since an unknown update, Eel Roast rewards Coins and Dragon Bonding XP depending exclusively on your final score.

If a dragon leveled up during the game, the 20 UDT Points that are rewarded for leveling up a dragon will be displayed along with the other rewards.

Score Coins Dragon Bonding XP Dragon Bonding XP (Member)
0-200 2 Gold icon trans 8 Dragon Bonding XP 16 Dragon Bonding XP
0+ 2 Gold icon trans 8 Dragon Bonding XP 16 Dragon Bonding XP
201+ 2 Gold icon trans 9 Dragon Bonding XP 18 Dragon Bonding XP
401+ 2 Gold icon trans 10 Dragon Bonding XP 20 Dragon Bonding XP
601+ 2 Gold icon trans 11 Dragon Bonding XP 22 Dragon Bonding XP
901+ 2 Gold icon trans 12 Dragon Bonding XP 24 Dragon Bonding XP
1201+ 2 Gold icon trans 13 Dragon Bonding XP 26 Dragon Bonding XP
1501+ 2 Gold icon trans 16 Dragon Bonding XP 32 Dragon Bonding XP
1801+ 2 Gold icon trans 19 Dragon Bonding XP 38 Dragon Bonding XP
2201+ 5 Gold icon trans 22 Dragon Bonding XP 44 Dragon Bonding XP
2601+ 5 Gold icon trans 25 Dragon Bonding XP 50 Dragon Bonding XP
3001+ 5 Gold icon trans 28 Dragon Bonding XP 56 Dragon Bonding XP
3501+ 5 Gold icon trans 31 Dragon Bonding XP 62 Dragon Bonding XP
4001+ 10 Gold icon trans 34 Dragon Bonding XP 68 Dragon Bonding XP
4501+ 10 Gold icon trans 37 Dragon Bonding XP 74 Dragon Bonding XP
5501+ 10 Gold icon trans 40 Dragon Bonding XP 80 Dragon Bonding XP
6501+ 20 Gold icon trans 43 Dragon Bonding XP 86 Dragon Bonding XP
7501+ 20 Gold icon trans 46 Dragon Bonding XP 92 Dragon Bonding XP
8501+ 20 Gold icon trans 49 Dragon Bonding XP 98 Dragon Bonding XP
10501+ 30 Gold icon trans 52 Dragon Bonding XP 104 Dragon Bonding XP
12501+ 30 Gold icon trans 55 Dragon Bonding XP 110 Dragon Bonding XP
15001+ 30 Gold icon trans 58 Dragon Bonding XP 116 Dragon Bonding XP
25001+ 40 Gold icon trans 61 Dragon Bonding XP 122 Dragon Bonding XP
35001+ 40 Gold icon trans 64 Dragon Bonding XP 128 Dragon Bonding XP
45001+ 40 Gold icon trans 67 Dragon Bonding XP 134 Dragon Bonding XP
55001+ 50 Gold icon trans 70 Dragon Bonding XP 140 Dragon Bonding XP
75001+ 50 Gold icon trans 73 Dragon Bonding XP 146 Dragon Bonding XP
95001+ 50 Gold icon trans 76 Dragon Bonding XP 152 Dragon Bonding XP
120001+ 60 Gold icon trans 80 Dragon Bonding XP 160 Dragon Bonding XP
200001+ 100 Gold icon trans 85 Dragon Bonding XP 170 Dragon Bonding XP

Before the Nerf Update, there was a penalty of -8 Dragon Bonding XP that would only apply to one failed 100% completed level which resulted in players exploiting the immense amounts of Dragon Bonding XP rewarded without any major consequences.

This was changed in the Nerf Update, while the penalty for failing to 100% complete a level was reduced to -2 Dragon Bonding XP and only applied to shooting one wrong eel, the penalty was stackable which could potentially take a big toll on the final reward.

Neither of those penalty systems is present anymore.

Digging Deeper Edit

Eel Roast also boasts numerous hidden mechanics that are listed here.

Special EventsEdit

Viking Tournament

On 2nd of February, 2014, a 1-day-only event started from 12:00AM and end at 11:59PM PST.

Players that reached the Top 50 could win a special Helmet that upgraded the flight speed in game. It's unknown how much does the Helmet boosts.

Eel roast helmet

Viknig wearing the Special Helmet

2x xp ell

On 11th of August, 2014, a 1-day-only event that would end on 11:59pm PST started.

In this day, players would recieve the double amount of XP when playing Eel Roast.

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