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Fishlegs: "[Your Viking's name]! Before I forget, you earned an Age Up ticket. This will let you choose one of your dragons to get to the Broad Wing stage immediately. We'll need you and your dragons at full strength to take on the Dragon Hunters!

Hiccup came and told me about your brilliant plan to use natural dragon defenses for our own base. Well, he said the thought came from you and the twins, but knowing what I know about the twins I'm guessing it was mostly your idea.

Anyway! I would like to introduce you to a dragon to consider for base defense: the Catastrophic Quaken! He's this amazing Boulder Class dragon that lives at Dark Deep. He has Armor 35, Jaw Strength 20, and...

No, there's no way I can tell you the majesty of this dragon through my dragon stats (even though they're incredibly accurate). Let me show you in person. To the Dark Deep!"

1- Go to Dark Deep

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Fishlegs: "Welcome to Dark Deep! It's the legendary island home of the Gronckles. It's a rocky, dusty place--perfect for rock-eating dragons like the Gronckle and the Quaken!

You see, many animals evolve over generations to live in their natural habitats. The Boulder Class dragons survive here better than most because their physiology has adapted to fit this environment!

I wonder where the Gronckles and the Catastrophic Quaken are. My last few trips to this island have been really great with those dragons as company. Well, it can't be hard to find them! Let's fly around the island and look for the Quaken."

2- Look for the Catastrophic Quaken

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Fishlegs: "Oh no! The Dragon Hunters must have found this island with the Dragon Eye. Oh no, oh no... Get a grip, Fishlegs! You can't fall apart now. Dragons are in danger!

The Quaken looks a little worse for wear, but it looks like his friend is trapped in the cage. That is a Prickleboggle, a brilliant Sharp class dragon. He has really unique ability to heal with his 'fireball'!

On my trips to the island, I've observed that the Catastrophic Quaken and the Prickleboggle have developed a symbiotic relationship, or a connection between members of different species where they help each other out.

It's just like you and [your dragon's name], working together!

Gosh, what am I rambling about? We need to help the Prickleboggle out!

I don't think the Quaken can break the cage without hurting the dragons inside... what do we do? Those are dragon-proof cages. Fireballs won't do a thing to harm them!

I'm out of ideas, [your Viking's name]. I wish Hiccup was here. Maybe we can go back to Dragon's Edge and ask for Hiccup's help. I'm sure he'll know what to do!

Wait, I think I saw Harald's boat lagging a little bit behind us. Can you ask him if he has any solutions in mind?"

3- Talk to Harald at the beach

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Harald Forkbeard: "Hey there! I'm getting a feel for the waters around your Dragon's Edge. I was navigating the shortest path here with the currents, but I appreciate you slowing down on the flight over to give me a sporting chance to keep up.

I know you could have blazed on over here on your fast... [your dragon's name], you said it was called? These creatures are pretty convenient.

A dragon is stuck in a Dragon Hunter cage? Say no more, friend. I've picked up a few useful skills on the seven seas. Click on me and lead the way. I can get the dragon out of that little jam!"

4- Lead Harald to the Prickleboggle trap

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Harald Forkbeard: "Hello, dragon! Don't claw my eyes out, you hear? Harald's going to get you out of that sticky little situation."

[animation of Harald opening the cage, and the Prickleboggle 'firing' at the Quaken]

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Fishlegs: "You see? The Prickleboggle heals the Catastrophic Quaken when it gets hurt, and the Quaken defends the Prickleboggle from any predators. It's a relationship where both species benefit in unique ways. This type of symbiotic relationship is called mutualism.

I think our Quaken friend is going to be just fine, [your Viking's name]. We should clear the island of these nasty weapons and traps that the Dragon Hunters left behind. Can you grab them all?"

5- Gather the Dragon Hunters tools

Item dragon hunter weapons

Dragon Hunter's weapons

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Fishlegs: "The Dragon Hunters bit off more than they could chew with Dark Deep. You think you can trap the Catastrophic Quaken so easily? I wish I could have watched them slink away from the island, tails between their legs!

Sorry, I get a little bit steamed when I think about ddragons bieng mistreated. As much as I'm happy Quakey chased the Dragon Hunters away, they must have captured the Gronckles that lived here.

We need to tell Hiccup. Let's go back to dragon's Edge and give him these disgusting tools we confiscated.

We'll meet you back at Dragon's Edge, harald. Thank you so much for your help! I don't know what we would have done without you. "

6- Give the Dragon Hunters weapons to Hiccup at Dragon's Edge

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Hiccup: "That could be a big problem. Dark Deep is far away from the Dragon Hunters bases... are they expanding their territory? Good job gathering those tools. I'll put them away where they can't be used to harm any dragon."

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Fishlegs: "We were sort of busy when we were at Dark Deep, so I didn't get to show you what I took you there to see.

You see, the Catastrophic Quaken relies on two things to protect himself. The first is his thick, armoring hide. He can shrug off blows that would stop most dragons and keep going. Second, his nest is protected by sheer rocks on all sides so that he is protected when he is most vulnerable.

It leapt to my mind when Hiccup mentioned the idea of dragon defenses. We can do the same at Dragon's Edge. Let's gather some boulders around the island. If you can find 5 suitable boulders and I do the same, we might have enough to get soemthing going here! "

7- Gather boulders around Dragon's Edge (5)

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Fishlegs: "Finished!

I've started a little pile at the base. Come see my handiwork! "

8- Find Fishlegs by his boulders

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Fishlegs: "Meatlug approves! That means we have the start of a respectable boulder collection. If we add your boulders to mine, that means that we'll be ready to start our little project.

Our boulders are Gronckle approved and I bet we can get the approval of another Boulder Class dragon! We're going to make the strongest wall that we can possibly make and it's going to stand up to any possible attack.

We're going to need the expert at destruction: the Catastrophic Quaken! I don't know if you've seen him in action, but he can roll into a ball and slam into walls with all his force. If the wall can stand up to his attack, it can stand up to anything!

Can you go back to Dark Deep and convince them to come back with you? You might be able to mount the Prickleboggle and bring them both over."

9- Go to Dark Deep and mount the Prickleboggle

! icon

!: "The Prickleboggle remembers you!

You should fly back to Dragon's Edge and meet Fishlegs."

10- Come back to Dragon's Edge

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Fishlegs: "Great! Now we'll be able to test this wall."

[animation of the Quaken slamming into the wall]

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Fishlegs: "Wow! We did it! We made a Quaken Approved wall! Good job, [your Viking's name], I'm sure this will help protect us in the future! "

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The Dragon Hunters arrows that appears in the quest are coated in Dragon Root's juice, as seen in Dragons: Race to the Edge, season 2. The dragon root poison can immediately knock out a dragon that is hit by the arrows, and is a common weapon used by Dragon Hunters to catch dragons.

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