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Hiccup: "I've been thinking about the Berserkers ever since you found their shield at the Lookout, when you were helping me with Gronckle Iron. I think it's past time that we tightened our defenses, and we should start with Berk. The caves under Berk could be a problem; we haven't explored them very much so Dagur could use them against us.

I think some Whispering Deaths might have opened some tunnels to get there. Can you look for a Whispering Death tunnel in Berk to get to the caves?"

1- Find the Whispering Death hole by the Great Hall

[you are teleported to the Whispering Death's Cave location]

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Hiccup: "Here are the caves! Wow. This is a bit dark, don't you think?

You'll need to be careful to not step on the animals here. Youmight have a hard time adjusting to the light, but the animals that live in caves have evolved and adapted over the years to be able to function in low light!

Bats, for instance, use echolocation to 'see' where they are going. Bats emit a high-pitched sound that humans cannot hear which bounces off objects. THe sound is then received, giving it information about the object's shape, direction, distance, and texture. Bats are nocturnal. they are active at night and sleep during the day.

Will you explore the cave and see if there's anything interesting down here? Be careful!"

2- Explore the caves

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Hiccup: "Well, those spiders are really creepy! These spiders look like they have evolved to live in caves. Animals that only live in dark caves are called troglobites. They have highly developed senses of hearing, touch, and smell!

Are you wondering how troglobites eat down in these caves? Sometimes, excessive rain can wash plants, leaves, and other nutritional things into caves. Another food sourse is bat dung - or guano, as it's called scientifically. Fungi and bacteria in the caves decompose the guano into essential foods and nutrients.

Don't get caught in the webs, [your Viking's name]. Will you explore the cave and see if there's anything worrying down here? Be careful!"

3- Find the center of the caves

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Hiccup: "Wow, there's an underground lake here! That's very interesting! There must be an opening under Berk that allows the ocean water in. I bet Berserkers could get inside the cave and get to the village.

You should stop here and catch some fish. You won't find fish like this anywhere else!"

4- Catch 2 blindfish in the caves

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Hiccup: "Aren't these fish interesting? They evolved to adapt to life in dark waters, similarly to how fish live in the deep ocean.

The entrance to the caves is worrying, but I think we can handle it with some vigilance. Do you see anything else that could be a problem down here?"

5- Look for dangers in the cave

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Hiccup: "Whoa! How did that get there? Did the Outcasts leave some eggs in the caves?

We'll need to keep a closer eye on these caves. Who knows what else is here? Come back to the entrance of the caves so that you can come back to Berk!"

6- Return to the entrance of the cave

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Hiccup: "Click on the rope and come back up to the surface. Once you're back in Berk, come talk to me!"

7- Click on the rope and talk to Hiccup in Berk

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Hiccup: "Thank you for helping out, [your Viking's name]. Why don't you take one of these Whispering Death eggs for safekeeping? I'm sure you'll be able to train this dragon well."

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