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Archaeologist: "The dragon homeland is fascinating, don't you think? This place is so different from where we live. We can figure out how this strange place could be the natural habitat of Hobgobblers. For example, if we take a closer look at that cave wall, maybe we can figure out more about dragons!"

1 - Visit the cave structure

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Archaeologist: "There structures on the walls of this cave are classic examples of speleothems, or cave formations. Minerals wash up in one place by water, through dips, condensation, flows, or ponds. They calcify together and gathered into deposits.

After hundreds of years they create formations. These formations can only form in caves, because the chemical reactions that create them only occur in those conditions. The difference types of water movements create different cave formations, like stalactites, stalagmites, and columns!

The strangest thing about being in the Hidden World, for me, is that it doesn't feel like we're underground! It's so humid and full of water. We're dealing with a whole different beast altogether, my friend.

I wonder if the humidity is the reason for the gorgeous fauna. Let's examine the coral!"

2 - Look at the coral structure

Note: Attempting at passing through the crystal entrance will prompt to a paywall to purchase the Curse of the Hobgobber expansion.

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Archaeologist: "Coral may look like rock formations, but they're actually living creatures! Coral are invertebrates that generally live underwater. They form the reefs that line the bottom of oceans. The humidity and the water here at the Hidden World must be enough for them to thrive. Amazing!

Gods, I'm so excited! I can't feel my fingers. Is this normal?"

3 - Talk to the Archaeologist

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Archaeologist: "You have the patience of a hero to follow this scatterbrain all across this cavern. Still, I can't help myself! I feel like I could spend a thousand years down here and I would still uncover a mind blowing scientific discovery every morning!

Take those gorgeous rock formations in the other chamber as an example. Do you think they could all be crystals?
Let's take a closer look!"

4 - Look at the rock formations

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Archaeologist: "These are solids that have a very intricate structure of a crystal lattice at the fundamentally smallest levels! The structure of these giant, gorgeous crystals form flat faces with sharp angles. It's the most beautiful form of natural geometry in the world, don't you think?

Oh! Speaking of amazing finds: this little guy has the same striations as the one you found at New Berk. Do you think it's the same dragon?

I can't believe he's followed you all the way here. Why don't you reach out with your hand and click on top of his head? I'm sp excited to see how a Hobgobbler reacts to someone he truly likes!"

5 - Click on the Hobgobbler
[Cutscene: Smitten Hobgobbler looking around aimlessly]

Hobgobbler smitten hw

The strange looking Hobgobbler

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Archaeologist: "That's... underwhelming.
Perhaps I was mistaken?

Well! Never mind.
In the immortal words of Berkian generals long past: mission accomplished. We can head back to New Berk, aglow with victory. Onward and forward, my good friend!"

6 - Go back to New Berk
[Cutscene: More Hobgobblers landing in New Berk]

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Archaeologist: "My word! Is it just me or are there more here than ever? Hiccup must know what to do!"

7 - Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "The Hobgobblers left for a little bit especially when you followed them into the cave... but they came right back. Something is drawing them here to New Berk. Back to th drawing board!"

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