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Heather: "The spectrometer worked so well for us, [your Viking's name]. My mind keeps racing with the possibilities!

The spectrometer splits the spectrum of light coming form gases that were heated up in the lab. We should be able to analyze dragon fireballs by using the same technique. Can you ask Hiccup if he could help us make this work? "

1- Ask Hiccup about the spectrometer

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Hiccup: "Wow, that's a great idea! The more we learn about dragons, the better. Maybe it will help us understand the differences between different classes of dragons!

What do you think, bud? Do you want us to figure out what elements are in your fireball?

Good! I knew you'd be a good sport. Tap on Toothless and lead him to the spectrometer, [your Viking's name]."

2- Tap on Toothless and bring him to the spectrometer

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Heather: "Hello Toothless. Thank you for being the first user of the mobile spectrometer! I think this will work out just fine. Rather than heating a gas within the chamber of the spectrometer, I'll ask the dragon to shoot a fireball directly into it. We should be able to analyze the results in exactly the same way.

Will you click on Toothless and ask him to shoot his fireball for us?"

3- Click on Toothless

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Heather: "Wow, this is an interesting array of colors! It looks like there are equal levels of carbon and hydrogen, and a bit of oxygen. Taking the look of the fireball into account, I think it is made out of acetylene and oxygen!

Acetylene is a very powerful fuel that burns at an extremely high temperature (over 6000 degrees)! That could explain why Toothless has such a powerful blast.

This version of the spectrometer works perfectly! I think we should try to figure out the fires of a lot of different dragons. Can you help me spread the word while I get it ready to test in a safe location? Talk to Astrid while I get set up in the Wilderness, please!"

4- Talk to Astrid about the dragons

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Astrid: "Hiccup came by and told me what you're doing. What an exciting idea! I would love to know everything I can about my Stormfly.

I'll spread the word and meet you at the Wilderness. See you there!"

5- Find Heather in the Wilderness

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Heather: "Thanks for getting the word out, [your Viking's name]. I finished setting up, and we're ready to test these dragons in quick order!

First is Astrid's dragon, Stormfly! Everyone always says that the Deadly Nadder's fireball is one of the hottest fireballs among dragons. Do you think they're right? Let's find out. Click on the Deadly Nadder."

6- Tap on Stormfly

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Heather: "Whoa! What a reaction. I've determined that Stormfly's fireball is made out of magnesium! This burns at a very high temperature, so you need to be very careful around Deadly Nadder fireballs. Water doesn't extinguish magnesium fires, so we need to tell the firefighters of Berk right away to get ready!"

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Hiccup: "That's a really interesting discovery, Heather. I didn't realize that the Deadly Nadder had such a unique fireball. That makes me wonder about the Scuttleclaw.

Many Vikings seem to think that the Scuttleclaw and the Deadly Nadder are very similar, even if they're in different Dragon Classes. Let's test it out! Tap on the Scuttleclaw, [your Viking's name]."

7- Tap on the Scuttleclaw

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Heather: "That bright green flame is distinctly different from the Deadly Nadder's almost white fire. According to the spectrometer, the Scuttleclaw's flame is made out of a copper compound!"

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Fishlegs: "We're next, we're next! Can you tap on Meatlug and ask her to shoot a fireball at the spectrometer?"

8- Tap on Meatlug

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Heather: "Wow, there are a lot of colors being reflected here... Let's see. It looks like Meatlug's fireball is showing the colors that correspond to oxygen, iron, calcium, sodium... andd so much more!

That's really interesting combination of elements. Perhaps it's because of her steady diet of different rocks."

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Fishlegs: "That's because Gronckles shoot fireballs made out of lava and lava is formed by many different volcanic gases. That's what makes Meatlug's fireball so special.

This is so much data!I'm really excited to add this to the Book of Dragons. Great job, [your Viking's name]!"


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